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TLC'ing the Rig

~Wednesday, October 14, 2020~

Day 122

Not a very interesting day in terms of entertaining you, but here is a list of fix it items we are trying to tackle while we stay in our national forest setting.

  1. As you recall in our post from a few days ago, we lost our L-pin on our trailer hitch, so Jeff was on a mission to find a replacement for that.

  2. Somewhere on our travels in the last few weeks, I guess the simulated earthquake was bigger than normal in the trailer on that trip. The pocket door between our bedroom and common area was not happy and the bracket completely came off the door. Wimpy screws anyway, so Jeff is going to replace that and the other pocket door at the bathroom as well with a beefier system….only the Latreille way.

  3. The shelves in the bathroom closet (which we use for linens, minibar and extra pantry storage keep falling when we’re on the road. Another item to beef up and improve on since the shelf supports that came with the trailer are a bit wimpy.

  4. Truck already has 15,000 miles on it, so time to add antifreeze, change 2 fuel filters and check joints. We found out that when towing, and we’ve done some rough pulling on grades and windy roads, we should be changing the oil every 7,000 not 10,000. Tire rotation should be every 7,000 too where we’ve only done 1. So we’re due for that too.

Got to take care of our home on wheels so it keeps taking care of us.

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