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Time to Think Outside the Box

~Saturday, January 9, 2021~

Day 209

A nice easy morning and one of sleeping in which is a rarity. I’m not an early riser either, but 8:00 a.m. seems to be the standard for me. Jeff is around 9:00. Another overcast, chilly day in Old Town, FL where we woke up to the sounds of a John Deer lawn mower and a leaf blower nearby. The volunteers and staff really keep this peaceful place immaculate.

After a delicious breakfast of French Toast, eggs and bacon (Jeff), I took Sadie on a nice long walk on the dirt road that is the entrance to the property. Nice to see a few new arrivals. Surrounded by pine trees and oaks and hearing the sound of a spying owl, it was the perfect way to greet the day.

While Jeff checked another item off of the to do list (replacing the pocket door supporting hinges and watching loads of playoff football), I finalized our plans for our Boondocker’s Welcome spot in Ft. Denaud, FL and our accommodations for our visit to St. Augustine, FL. Our mission to find a great place to stay on the southeast side of Florida came up with nothing which forced us to look west. Much more selection and with availability. We’re trying to stay south as long as we can to take advantage of warmer weather. And as I’ve mentioned before, booking places in Florida is no easy task. This pandemic has pushed a record number of travelers to hit the road in RV’s due to the limitations of air travel. With 40+ million people taking RV trips in 2020, finding the perfect campground or RV park to have availability has been quite the challenge.

We haven’t stayed at a Boondocker’s Welcome site in a long time. So it’s nice to put it back to use. You have to become a member and in good standing for Boondocker hosts to accept your request. If you check our website, you can find more information about how this system works. But the difference between “boondocking” and using Boondocker’s Welcome is that with BW you are staying on someone’s property, usually large properties that can accommodate up to 3 or 4 rigs, where in most cases, you have to be completely independent in terms of your power source, water, etc. The term “boondocking” , otherwise known as “dry camping” generally means staying at BLM lands or national forests. This particular BW property is basically free, but since he offers some great amenities at his location….30A electric hookup, fire ring, and potable water, he asks for a $5.00 donation for the electricity use. And the property looks amazing with its riverside location. Our St. Augustine’s scene is through Harvest Host which we also have not used in a while. Usually, Harvest Hosts allow only a 1 night stay. But in some cases, they’ll allow more if asked. It just depends on the host. We’re grateful to have 2 nights at this pioneer settlement. Pressing on with more planning.📝

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