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Time For Some Disconnect

~Thursday, August 26, 2021~

Day 438

Made a breakfast of smoothies (thanks to the generator power) and quiche “Mimi style”. Our dear friend Mimi gave us a quiche recipe a few weeks ago when we were exchanging texts about the idea of having breakfast for dinner. And then it dawned on me, how we had not yet made this delicious dish on the trip. What a great idea! We improvised on a few items, like mushrooms, jalapeno and onion and the crust. While grocery shopping a week or so ago, we purchased a roll of Pillsbury refrigerated pizza dough. I know….desperate times call for desperate measures. Sometimes, we encounter grocery stores with limited selection. Anyway, we thought we’d try Mr. Pillsbury on our quiche. The review: Never try this at home. Despite the rubberiness of the dough, the rest of the dish, however, actually turned out nice, fluffy and delicious.

Jeff enjoyed some reading time at our quiet campsite. Even during the day, the campground is very quiet, though we do have neighbors. The sites are just really far apart and the forest, dense. I decided to spend a few hours finishing up the inside windows and frames. I’d only cleaned the 17 windows maybe three times since the trip began, but had never really cleaned the tracks. I couldn’t believe how much dirt and dog hair had accumulated in all those nooks and crannies. Next….the screens.

Mid afternoon, we headed to the town of Lake Saranac. Eleven miles away, this would be the closest town to fill up on propane, fill our gas cans, get a few groceries and firewood and check messages. We also took the “signal” opportunity to research exactly what we wanted to see while here. The Adirondack area is huge, so as we began making our list, we quickly found that what we’d hoped would be in reasonable driving range, was not. So we narrowed our search to no more than 30 miles from our campground and came up with a few good ideas. So stay tuned.

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