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Time for Pie

~Wednesday, December 9, 2020~

Day 178

Still visiting my mom in Northern California and having a wonderful visit. We’re certainly staying busy taking care of truck stuff, and all of the normal holiday craziness that comes this time of year. It is a strange feeling going from our tiny home to having space, and a normal shower, and a dishwasher, etc. It takes some adjusting, but I welcome it all the least for the time being.

Since all I got done yesterday on the truck was cleaning the inside, we got up extra early to wash the outside before our appointment at Ford this morning. Thank goodness we both were washing with all that “real estate” to hose down. It is one big truck that can easily take 2-3 hours with one person doing it, so it was nice to both be getting ‘er done since we were told by Ford to drop it off sooner than later. On the list: tire rotation, and the usual multi-point inspection. Within 45 minutes of dropping it off, we got the call that everything looked great and it was ready for pick up. What a relief that our tow vehicle, our baby, is all good for the second half of our trip. Peace of mind is absolutely necessary! And it was refreshing that a dealership didn’t try to pad things in, just to make an extra buck.

While Jeff stayed back at the house to take care of his to do list and finish making his lemon meringue pie

, mom and I had at least 5 Holiday errands to tackle, all of which went smoothly. By the time we got back, it was already time for dinner prep. Tonight’s menu…...pork tenderloin with mustard sauce, pesto pasta, and salad. And mom wanted to open a bottle of bubbly since this was our last night staying with her before we head to Napa. After our delicious dinner while eating Jeff's delicious pie, we did a Facetime call with my sister Tracy and bro-in-law, Tim. It’s always great to catch up with them. Technology can be a good thing when you can’t physically be together, but still have a togetherness vibe, virtually. One of our topics of conversation tonight was “your top 5 Holiday movies of all time”. We all didn’t agree what should be in the top 5, but this is what made all of our lists in no particular order:

  1. Love Actually

  2. White Christmas

  3. Elf

  4. Home Alone

  5. Christmas Story

  6. Christmas Vacation

  7. Rudolph

What’s in your top 5? Email us at and we’ll post your answers on our website.

Then, time for gift wrapping? Did we have any energy left ? Put on a pot of coffee, put in a Christmas movie, and the second wind kicked in. With our gift wrap station all set and ready to go, Mom and I stayed up until 2:00 a.m. to at least put a dent in our wrapping, leaving the rest for the next morning. Mom wanted to get her wrapping done before we left for Napa so we could deliver things to Hannah and Devin in SoCal where we’re visiting in a few days. I needed to wrap because with our travels, we don’t have all the wrapping supplies, and mom had ALL the goods…...boxes, wrapping paper, ribbon, gift tags, etc. Thank you for offering up the Holiday supplies mom!!

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