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Tight Quarters

~Wednesday, July 8, 2020~

Day 24-travel day

As we were breaking down our site, we had a nice chat with our Arizona neighbor before leaving Rancho Los Coches. We told him of our upcoming plans and like everyone is saying...we’ve got to see Sand Point, Idaho. One state I can’t wait to really check out. I thought it would be great to move here, but after monitoring winter temps, it’s a bit too cold for us. Sand Point is supposed to be an amazing place to retire where most head South for the winter. A possible option.

Breaking down camp is becoming a bit faster and smoother as we go. My mom and sister keep saying, as Jeff and I get better at this, we’ll start showing other newbies the ropes. What we will NEVER be are the people who sit in their lounge chairs, quietly observing our trials and tribulations of backing into a site...great entertainment for all to see.

When we finally arrived back to Lake Jennings, I’d like to think we were experts by then, now knowing the right section of the campground to drive to and it helps to know your site # ahead of time. Ours….#78. It’s not the lakeside, but we get a pretty good view of the lake across the way, since there isn’t a campsite directly across from us. I thought it would be a straight shot into our site, but it was a bit challenging working around shrubs and having enough clearance for the slideouts.

As usual, my husband had a great idea, measuring the distance from the tires of the trailer to the fully extended slide out dimension which was 4’-6”. He made a line in the dirt with that dimension so we’d know exactly where the trailer tires had to be to have enough room between the hookups and the slideouts. So 4’-6” is our magic number from now on.

We met one of the camphosts here named Kip who is from Texas. We shared our route plans, mentioning that Idaho was one of our states to visit. When he found out we’d already been to Wallace, Idaho, he couldn’t believe we’d even heard of it, let alone go there. We actually stumbled on it a few years ago when we were headed to Glacier National Park. He too, recommended SandPoint.

Set up went mighty quick since we didn’t need to hook up sewage. But we do have water and electricity. A real hot day where everyone is fighting for A/C. Unfortunately, our A/C kept shutting down due to too many people using power in our section. No tent campers, all RV, so everyone is running their A/C. We also have 30 amp power, not 50 like we had at the RV park. Jeff thought it would help to disconnect the surge protector to bypass the 30w low voltage reading. A bit risky that we could fry our appliances, but we only had it disconnected for a little bit. After setup, I took a few photos/videos (check it out on our blog), made a few phone calls, then took a nice walk in the early evening with Sadie. A little less crowded this time around, maybe because it’s the beginning of the week. We had a delicious lemon zest/ricotta cheese filled ravioli dinner with Hannah’s leftover cream sauce and a salad. Yum!! Looking forward to seeing the kids tomorrow, and Easton will be back.

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