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Through a Child's Eyes

~Wednesday, December 22, 2021~

Day 556

Over the course of the Holidays, we all tend to lose sight of what’s important with all the hustle bustle. But observing this special time of year through a child’s eyes, brings back the wonderment, igniting our own childhood memories; the lights, the ornaments, the music, the cookie baking, the repeated excitement of “Santa is Coming!!!”, the expression of love through hugs or precious “I love you’s”. We are soaking it all in as we witness our own grandchildren relish in the magic, even if it’s from afar. It’s also wonderful to see those valued holiday traditions reignited with our own children being passed on to their children. It certainly made our day hearing our 4-year old grandson Easton end our FaceTime call with his rendition of “Jingle Bells” and a shout out of “Christmas is Coming!”

Since we decided to hold off our Christmas day food prep until Thursday, it gave us time for a much needed hike with Sadie in between bouts of rain. Refreshing and invigorating! Of course I’ll do anything to help ward off those extra pounds that seem to creep in this time of year.

And just when we thought we had all of our shopping done, Jeff and I still had last minute errands to run. For me, it was a few stocking stuffers and a trip to Total Wine. Not much fun seeing shelves and bins completely picked over, but I was able to find what I needed.

If I’m going to be any good for cookie baking day tomorrow, I’d better hit the hay early. These late nights are catching up with me. Really looking forward to seeing my sis tomorrow!!

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