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Three Happy Campers

~Wednesday, April 20, 2022~

Day 675

Stressful morning. In fact we both couldn’t sleep most of the night worried that we’d miss our neighbor’s leaving and thus ruining our chances of getting the site on the river. I got up around 6:40 a.m., made some coffee and just watched the activity. From the minute the sun came up, things were happening. The sprinter van across from us made their exit around 7:00 a.m. and by 7:01, the campsite was already filled. You can’t help but be happy for the people that score one and you can tell they were thrilled by the high fives they gave each other. I swear I feel like nosy Gladys from “Bewitched”.

Around 8:00 a.m. we got a knock on our door from our French friend, offering to take one of our chairs over to his site to make it look like it was a legitimate, occupied site. So nice of him. I also backed the truck in for added insurance once he left. We just didn’t feel secure about it until either the truck or the trailer were in place, even though we were paid up and official.

As we were breaking down our previous camp, Mike from Colorado had just pulled up and asked if by chance we were leaving. Utterly elated by our “yes” response, he thanked us for making his day and said he’d be back in about the 30 minutes we needed to be out. I asked Mike if he’s been on the prowl for some time, trying to get a site. Hesitantly, he said, “Yes, that was me everyday for the past 4 days. Sorry to have appeared like I was stalking you.” No need to explain, we get it. Anyway, we’re always happy for the guy that really appreciates having the privilege of staying here. I guess we’re all one big happy bunch!

It was nice that we could just walk over at least our outdoor stuff. The inside stuff….a different story. As I’ve mentioned before, it requires the same breakdown, no matter if it's moving a 100 feet or a 100 miles. It’s all the same.

After making our site look official, we headed into Moab to a feed store that offered a $5 special for both water and dumping. As I went in to pay, I was greeted by Zoe, a grayed friendly, 14-year old black lab, eager for a head rub. The dump run took us about an hour, and setting up camp another 2. Because we’re in our spot for 7 days, Jeff decided to set up the entire outdoor area with chairs, griddle and grill. When you have views like this, it’s a must to do as much cooking outdoors as possible. We are so grateful to be here.

Exhausted from the worry and lack of sleep, we began our fun stuff around 2:00 where we took a bike trip on the Moab Canyon Pathway to Moab.

The fairly flat 13-mile trail meanders through Highway 128 right next to the Colorado River (where our campground is), to the Colorado Riverway Bicycle/Pedestrian Bridge (a beautiful structure itself). You can continue on to Arches National Park via this trail as well. Just a few miles from our campsite, we noticed people lined up right next to the road, at the base of a rock, filling up jugs of water. We later found out that this small cove has a spout coming right out of the mountain with amazingly tasty water, and icy cold. Sounds amazing! This portion of the Colorado River seems to attract numerous speedboat and raft companies too. (check out the video). It was fun watching them from the pedestrian bridge.

Our first stop was the famous Moab Rock/Fossil Shop. We’re by no means rock/gem enthusiasts but must say we found it a worthwhile stop.

And the place was buzzing with tourists. The whole time we were thinking about our grandkids and how much they would love it. It truly is like a kid in a candy shop type of experience.

Next, the Moab Frozen Yogurt Shop. We can’t remember the last time we had frozen yogurt. Anytime I have one, it brings back memories of when they first became popular in the late 70’s/early 80’s. We found the perfect shaded table and chairs to enjoy our refreshing treat and the beautiful 80 degree weather.

Next, as we got more into the more central part of town, we parked our bikes, and hit a few shops (again lots of t-shirt shops). There seems to be a variety of eateries and even a few popular taco trucks. You can always tell the good ones by the long lines. We’ve already made note of a few restaurants we’d like to check out…..Miguel’s Baja Grill, Zax Restaurant (both on the main drag in Moab), and one Jeff read about called Desert Bistro. Now I don’t know about you, but when I think of Moab, I would imagine a cool brewery scene with all of the tourists and hot desert activities. I know it’s Utah, but still. There were two that we’d hoped would fulfill our expectations, Moab Brewery and Dewey’s Restaurant and Bar. Sadly, they both missed the mark. We’d give both a 3.5 out 5 for lack of great tasting beer and an adequate selection, though I will say Dewey’s House Margarita was quite tasty and refreshing. But also, each establishment is crying for a better atmosphere too. Neither had inviting vibes. If any of you out there are crafty at good beer making and thinking about starting a brewery business, please come to Moab. They need you!!

Sunset was the perfect time to head back to the trailer where we were met with one happy pup to greet us. I drove back to Lion’s Park for reception to make my posts and call my madre, while Jeff took Sadie out for an evening stroll and made dinner. Heading back, I had the delight of seeing the canyon walls all lit up once again, which we can never get enough of.

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