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They Keep Coming

~Tuesday, March 8, 2022~

Day 632

Freezing temperatures last night. After running the generator for a few hours to enjoy our fireplace, we decided running it past 8:00 p.m. would not be the neighborly thing to do. So to keep Inger happy, we switched over to the furnace (happy wife, happy life….right?) while we prepped for dinner. Jeff and the heater hit the hay around 11:00, leaving me to pull out the extra blankets. By the time I went to bed at 2:00 a.m., the trailer was a chilly 58 degrees. Maybe the cold air kept me more alert and awake. As I was making my way to bed, I noticed the blinking light on the fridge which tells us the propane tank is empty. We were pretty surprised that that tank had lasted as long as it did. Since we’ve had full hookups for the past month, I guess it makes sense with the little use it had. It just goes to show how little gas the stove and oven use. The furnace is what kills it. I offered to switch out the tanks (we have a total of 3), but Jeff insisted on doing it with it being so cold out. Awakened from his sleep and all. What a hubby!!

A perfectly clear day, so the solar panels are happy and the rig is absorbing a ton of heat, making the inside of the trailer comfortable during the day. Nights……well let’s just say we’re being troopers. 🥶We’re in for warmer temperatures next week, so look forward to that.

Not too far off the main road, we saw a constant flow of ATVer’s and dirt bikers. The family of cows stopped by for another visit as well.

I can’t help but wonder what they do at night to keep warm. Hopefully they have a nice cozy hay-strewn barn nearby. Whenever I see any cow, I am reminded what a good decision I made to go Pescatarian. Cows are just so darn cute. In fact, if our next home has a large enough property, I envision not only a horse and chickens, but a cow too. I’ve always dreamed of having property and animals. Not sure if Sadie would get on board with that one.

Aside from one large travel trailer with 2 huskies about 100 yards from ours, we have this whole area to ourselves. One of the huskies even stopped by to say “hi”. It was nice to stretch those legs and get some fresh air after being on our laptops the majority of the day. We took a stroll down the main road about a mile down to scour a few more “neighborhoods”. There seems to be much fewer boondockers here than last Sunday when we were scouting out our perfect spot. But I’m sure as we get closer to the weekend, things will fill up. We admired one particular site where one guy’s 5th wheel was parked on a bluff that seemed to be just high enough and perfect to get a 360 degree view of the entire area. Lucky guy. He was in the area for the annual 3-day Sedona Mountain Bike Festival (usually held the first week of March), but scrapped it with the weather being so crappy. I guess it was the worst weather day they’d experienced in their 7-year history. Then, not too far away from the fifth wheel, we met a young free-spirited looking couple and their friendly Australian Shepherd who was curious about Sadie. It looked like someone else found the spot we were considering a few days ago. It really is a gem of a site, and imagine their sprinter van as opposed to our 30-foot rig, would have had a much easier time getting in it.

Tonight’s campfire was courtesy of our “neighborhoods” 8 other fire rings with leftover firewood next to them. Thank you previous boondockers!!

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