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The Waxing Never Ends

~Sunday, October 17, 2021~

Day 490

Not sure if it was the stitching that kept me up late last night, or the loud group a few campsites away from us. Their ruckus must have gone on until 4:00 a.m. Maybe it was their last hurrah before the campground fully shuts down. The number of people seems to dwindle the longer we’re here. It would be really neat to see what this place is like when it’s in full swing. It’s such a great location. Anyway, I managed to get a good chunk of my cross-stitch project accomplished. I still am amazed at how each square inch seems to take an eternity.

Though we haven’t explored too much of the area, other than Lake Dunmore across the road, we’re hoping to check out the Salisbury area in the few days we have left here. But, I must say it’s been nice getting caught up on things. Hank and Billie Jean have been needing some outside attention. So today, Jeff continued waxing the outside of the trailer while I washed the truck. Each requires a significant amount of time with a lot of surface area on each. I can’t imagine trying to clean a huge Class A. Each side of the trailer takes between 2-3 hours to wax, and the truck takes me about 6 hours top to bottom, inside and out (including waxing). I must have spent 30 minutes alone getting all of the leaves and pine needles off, just to be able to wash it. Little did I know how much sap has been dripping on the truck from the tall culprit hanging over our campsite. And it’s not the water soluble kind of sap. We’ll have to tackle that tomorrow since the rain made its appearance right after I finished drying the truck. Rain or shine, at least we’re getting the grime off, only to get a new layer tomorrow. Oh well. It’s a never-ending cycle. 😩

When we had a break in the rain, we took an evening walk with Sadie, around the campground. There are so many great sites, many occupied with trailers closed up for the winter, some with covers, but most not. One thing we found interesting though, was why all of them had their slides and awnings out. There must be something we don’t know about the slides, but the awnings would be for obvious reasons….like the weight of the snow wrecking the fabric and the extenders. If any of you know something we don't know about this topic, please drop us a line.

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