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The Trailer's First Bath

~Thursday, July 23, 2020~

Day 39

What a day, but one met with a lot accomplished. I spent most of the morning setting up our YouTube channel to share our moving pictures with friends, family and whoever decides to find our daily life interesting. Jeff’s day was consumed with the worries of the truck and the irritation of not hearing any news until 3:00 (see below). Surprised that he had not heard back from Josh at Ford Motor Co., Jeff called him again met only with voicemail.

We both worked on dialing in a few things at our site, like getting our t.v.’s/stereo set up for the first time. Don’t know why we hadn’t done this sooner. Thank goodness for tech support staff (all working from their homes right now, due to COVID). We managed to get everything figured out, until the t.v. screen decided to turn pink in which case the tech thought it was either a bad HDMI connection, or a bad HDMI cable. So off to Best Buy I went to purchase a new HDMI cable. Will troubleshoot that later. We can’t wait to play our first DVD movie with surround sound. With that task behind me, I next sent photos to Richardson’s RV of additional repairs that need to get taken care of. One of the most annoying repairs that could have been avoided had they been more careful, is the refrigerator door front. The last time that Richardson’s handled our repairs, one of the items was replacing the refrigerator gasket. To ensure the gasket was glued strongly, they pressed the door front into the latch button for the pocket door, so now there is a dent in the stainless steel door which has to get replaced. I think Richardson’s is so backed up, that the workmanship on these repairs was done quickly. I’m sure if we caught them during the slow season, they would do a better job.

Jeff checked in with management at the RV park, to make sure all was o.k. with us washing our RV at our site. We were given the green light on that. It looks like new again,

except for the awnings and the detailing on the windows, which hopefully we will get to tomorrow.

As mentioned earlier, we finally heard back from Omar at Ford a little after 3:00. They dropped the transmission, opened it up, and sure enough found a lot of damage. Because the truck has under 12,000 miles, they are going to replace the whole transmission, not just fix it. The new transmission is coming from Texas and should arrive by next Thursday (7 more days). FINALLY…..progress!! We are telling them that we need to be back on the road by that following Saturday, the 30th. That would give them 1 day to install it. Cross our fingers. Curious if the damage was related to the recall issue.

After we found out that things are moving in a forward direction, we were able to get in a nice swim at our place. The water was perfect, and completely revived us! Another falafel dinner and an early turn in. This car stuff is exhausting.

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