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The Lance's First Leak

~Monday, September 7, 2020~

Day 85 (Happy Labor Day)

Today was a big day….releasing our first travel blog/website that we’re very proud of …..FootprintsOnWheels. It’s been weeks in the making with many posts to catch up on since we are on day 85, but plan on releasing a few posts/day until we’re caught up. Hope you all enjoy following us or learn something from our mistakes. We released a video introduction as well that was sent to our friends and family to announce the main event and to connect everyone with our social links as well. I know the sight will get better over time, so bear with us as we learn the ropes.

Had a low key, easy day which was perfect with the weather changing drastically. Time to bring out the winter gear.

Woke up to rain and as the day went on, we realized we had a leak from the skylight over the shower. You couldn’t ask for a better place to have a leak though, right? Jeff thought it might be a tape issue but later realized there were cracks on the edges of the skylights. Another thing to add to the list. Ugh!

There was a cold front coming down from Canada right over Montana. Since the resort is at around 5,000 feet, it was sure to get at least a dusting of snow, and for sure on the surrounding mountains. With Labor Day, we were definitely taking a chance on some things being closed on our errand runs today.

One of the chores we had was laundry since we knew we didn’t have any other opportunity to do so in the coming days. And I don’t think laundromats ever close on holidays right? Laundry always takes longer than you like, so I wanted to take advantage of the waiting time to do a few posts and edit photos,, while Jeff took Sadie for a walk. Laundry today…$10.00. We’re spending anywhere from $7 to $10 at a time so we’re staying in budget. Hoped Costco would be opened, but no luck and really as it should be. So we opted for a fun market called Rosauers which is kind of like a Whole Foods Market in California. We’re staying in budget with groceries too at around $140/week. And thank goodness diesel gas is hovering right around $2.20/gallon. Everyone seems to sell diesel for the same price when we use our GasBuddy app. I remember the days when diesel was $4.50/gallon. Crazy.

With hardly much to eat all day, we couldn’t wait to grab a bit at Montana Ale Works in Bozeman. Luckily they’ve been able to offer indoor seating during COVID, keeping tables 6 feet apart. The restaurant is huge so they have the ability to do it. With winter coming, it will be interesting to see how the smaller establishments stay alive with the pandemic restrictions. And what's up with the salt and pepper shakers? I guess I'll have to settle for this during COVID.

When we arrived back at the trailer, the thermostat inside said it was 45 degrees. We had been gone most of the afternoon and didn’t get back until 10:30 or so, with all of the shades open. The shades really help insulate the trailer. Note to self. We put on the heater which uses a ton of propane at about 20,000 BTU’s and the fireplace to get things going, then we shut off the heater to see how well the fireplace does on maintaining the heat. With such a small space the trailer heated up 20 degrees in a matter of minutes. One thing we will be purchasing is a small ceramic space heater to help heat the back bedroom while we’re sleeping, on those cold wintery nights. Even though we’ll be flocking south with all of the other “snowbirds”, the temperatures have been known to dip.

Wait for it… come the FootprintsOnWheels subscribers. Yeah!! Thanks so much ya’ll!

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