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The Gateway to Awesomeness

~Monday, July 25, 2022~

Day 771 (Travel Day)

Day 35 of Alaska Trip

Today we head to Seward, Alaska (about a 4-hour drive from Anchorage) to the Seward Waterfront Park, along with another 1,100 campers all cozied up along Resurrection Bay. Initially, the drive was quite dodgy with high winds, and cloudy skies. High winds means slowing our pace from a steady 60 mph to 55 mph. Better to arrive safe than sorry, right? Along the way, we witnessed again, a very low tide, exposing those dangerous mudflats. Jeff had read that Turnagain Arm is subject to climate

extremes and large tide ranges called a Bore Tide. It is basically a wave formed when a super low tide and a super high tide crash into each other in the narrow and shallow water. The wave can come twice a day and is often surfed by local riders. It makes for an ever-changing, unpredictable creature for sure.

When we arrived at our campground mid-afternoon, it was a busy hub of activity between RV’s coming and going. And lucky us, our site backs right up to the water, with a busy pedestrian path between us. It is kind of strange having people either ride or walk right behind our trailer. But the energy is fun.

The Kenai Peninsula has some of the most beautiful scenery in all of Alaska, which we weren’t able to see today because of the overcast. But we remain hopeful! Come on SUNSHINE!!

Our campsite lies in the former harbor area of Seward that was wiped out in the 1964 Earthquake (Tsunami). You can still see remnants of the piers that continue to erode over time. Resurrection Bay is called the “Gateway to the Kenai Fjords” as many water taxis, kayak tours, anglers and recreational boaters use the bay to access nearby Kenai Fjords National Park which we’ll have the privilege of touring tomorrow. We sure hope that the clouds will give way to our supposed views of Mt. Eva at 4,439 feet, Mt. Alice at 5,265 feet and Goodwin Glacier at 2,276 feet.

O.k. I never thought we’d say this but it’s official…..we’re starting to get tired of the 17/18 hour days of sunlight. Bring on the normal!

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