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Thank you BlueBoy!

~Friday, July 10, 2020~

Day 26

Another really hot day in Lakeview today, with temperatures around 103 and even hotter tomorrow. Everything would be fine in Lakeview if we were able to run the air conditioners. And it’s too hot for our canine friend. Time to head to the coast.

Jeff was on a mission this morning with no breakfast. Just up and at 'em to the Home Depot in Santee to find the perfect Weber bbq. Hopefully they’ve restocked since the 4th of July. I stayed back to work on my journaling and edit photos/videos. Unfortunately, I spent the better part of my day on the phone with Apple support and Sony support (camera) in trying to reformat videos I had taken of Easton and Carson. After about 3 hours of troubleshooting, it was Sony who came through. That’s what I get for wanting to take high quality videos with this camera. And I had to learn it at some point anyway. Why do tech issues always take so long to figure out.

I could tell Jeff was having difficulties as well since he was gone longer than expected. The issue was the online inventory for Home Depot was different than what was actually there. It said they had 2, which they didn’t, so the salesman had to call 2-3 more stores to finally find one. The problem...the closest store was in Carlsbad (30 minutes away). And when you’re on a mission, you might even drive 1 hr. to get it. So there you have it… a new bbq and about 4 more totes for the back of the truck. These totes are awesome since they stack so well, and are incredibly sturdy.

But I would have to give the highlight of the day to the BlueBoy. This would be our first time making a trip to a dump station. The BlueBoy allows you to empty your waste tanks into it, and tow it to the nearest dump station, rather than having to rehitch and drive your entire rig to do the disposal. I drove while Jeff walked behind the truck to make sure all was good. You should stay around 5 mph. Success! Lesson learned….be more conservative of water with showers and washing dishes (gray tank water). We’re only on day 2 here.

Later on, Jeff called the Lance salesperson that Veronique had recommended he talk to, regarding issues with our D/C USB power outlets. I knew a salesperson wouldn’t be the right resource, and sure enough he had to forward Jeff to another person, a Lance techy that knew everything Lance. Not the best timing with it being 4:00 on a Friday afternoon, so Monday it is.

After a cold shower and an ice cold drink, I felt much better. I found the perfect shady spot outside to work on some photo albums, while Jeff spent his time reorganizing the truck with his new totes. We’re taking the miscellaneous sized bins we’d accumulated back to storage (yes another trip), when we’re headed back up to NorCal. Thank goodness for cooler evenings.

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