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Team Building Nextdoor

~Sunday, March 13, 2022~

Day 637

Even with a few departures, there are more people coming in than leaving. What a difference from the quiet, peaceful campground we had a week ago. Now, the joint is buzzing of dogs and kids and the latest addition of 20 Boyscouts and 5 dads. They’ve set up what looks like a mini-compound about 50 yards from us. For Jeff, it brings back many fond memories of our son’s Boyscout troop adventures. Jeff participated in all of them.

We had quite the blustery afternoon with the winds back up to 25 mph, scratching any plans of being outside. Forgetting I’d left a bedroom window open, we had a nice little layer of rust dust added to everything inside because of it. 😩

Nothing new to report from Sedona other than the fact we’re seeing the light at the end of the tunnel in terms of our summer plans. It continues to be a work in progress!

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