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Tax Season😩

~Friday, March 12, 2021~

Day 271 (Travel Day)

It’s amazing how fast you can do something when you HAVE to. I got a little carried away with getting some things to our accountant this morning which delayed my breaking down the inside of the trailer so we could move on to our next destination to Oak Plantation Campground on Johns Island , SC. But we both managed to do it. The drive was only about 30 minutes but no matter how short or long the drive, there are no shortcuts when it comes to breaking down or setting up. It’s all the same. The good news though, what used to take half a day of breakdown and setup, has been whittled down to about a total of 4 hours. Of course that doesn’t include travel time. When you move around as much as we have, you only get better and faster at it. My one regret at James Island County Park though, is that we didn’t have more opportunity to tour the park itself, especially those walking/bike paths. That darn tax prep!

We arrived to find our campsite was just o.k. when it appeared a few other spots were available. So we walked around and jotted down a few numbers that interested us, ones with more trees and more “scenery”. We went back to the office to request a move but found out that if our rig is wired for 50 amps, we couldn’t take the ones we were requesting. 50 amps usually means you have 2 air conditioners like we have. You can run 1 A/C off of 30 amps, but not 2. Apparently, their wiring system is pretty antiquated on those 30A sites so they don’t want to risk you ruining their system or causing a fire. We certainly wouldn’t want to be the ones that would cause that. So we went back out and searched through the 50A sites. Finally, we found a 50A site with more trees and overall better location.

After we got all cozied in,

Jeff took a trip to the hardware store to pick up another set of brackets for the shelf in our “linen”/”bar”/”pantry” closet. Yes, we use it for all those purposes. Those tequila and rum bottles take up alot of space you know 😉.There are 2 shelves that came with plastic brackets that over time have become loose and no longer keep the shelf in place. Jeff has already replaced one set of hardware for one shelf. Plastic shelf brackets don’t seem to lend themselves well in vehicles that mimic a 6.0 earthquake. Thank you honey for tackling another project.

While I headed to the local FedEx store to tie up loose ends on our tax prep, Jeff took Sadie to the dog park where we are staying, and met a family from South Carolina getting set to make the big move to Texas. She apparently has lived her entire life in Charleston (she’s our age) and comes from a long lineage of South Carolinians, 8th generation in fact, dating back to the Revolutionary War. Amazing!

Even though we didn’t have enough time today to do more touring downtown, we still take comfort in knowing we have 3 full days remaining before heading to the next destination. Looking forward to our boat tour tomorrow!

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