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Task Filled Day

~Tuesday, November 3, 2020~

Day 142 (Election Day)

What a day. This is probably the most important election of our lifetime and can’t believe how close it seems to be turning out so far. I won’t go into my beliefs or talk about what I wish as an outcome for this election, other than wishing that whatever happens, our country, as divided as it is, can be unified and that people can be civil towards one another.

Trying to arrange a few deliveries to our niece’s place in Colorado Springs before we head on to New Mexico on Thursday. We’re finally getting our reimbursement from Ford for the transmission debacle in Bakersfield, so we’re waiting on that delivery. Yes, it’s taken this long. And we are waiting for our solar panel cables to arrive as well.’s another laundry day.

I do miss the convenience of having my washer/dryer in my living space. But so far so good on finding facilities to do the task. I found a nice laundromat in Fort Collins called The Laundry Basket. Lots of machines, lots of space but a little pricey. We’ve been a little spoiled lately with $1.50/load at the state campgrounds, but here….$3.75 to $7.00/load. Ouch! Jeff made a trip to drop off our used oil from the last truck oil change while I tackled the laundry stuff.

Next stop….the post office to do our most important of civil duties…..drop off our absentee ballots. Even though we were cutting it close, it felt good, as always, to lend our voice, as every ballot is important! Because we have not been getting our mail regularly, we didn’t get our absentee ballots until we saw Katelin in Colorado Springs, but at least we got them. I must say, we felt a little jipped that we didn’t get our “I Voted” stickers after we handed them to the mail clerk. Oh well.

Doing these errands today allowed us an opportunity to see downtown Fort Collins and a few neighborhoods. We really like the downtown. I’ve been in touch with a real estate agent in Fort Collins, so hope to get a list of a few areas that we can tour around before we leave on Thursday.

It was nice that we were able to get the major news network channels so we could track the election results, and I was able to work in a bath for Sadie

and does she love her baths! You don’t even have to prod her to get in, even in the tight quarters of our trailer shower. She obligingly walks right in. Since we’d just done laundry which included cleaning the sheets/duvet cover,I didn’t want a dirty dog ruining our freshness!

Put on a pot of coffee….it’s going to be a loooong night. I get a feeling this is not an election day, but an election week with all of the outstanding ballots that have yet to be counted. It was hard to pull ourselves away from the tube with the closest of elections unfolding.

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