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Tar Heel State

~Monday, April 26, 2021~

Day 316 (Travel Day)

Hitting the road this morning from The Great Smokies in Tennessee for Brevard, NC (our first time in the Tar Heel State). I must say, it’s been lovely spending longer chunks of time at each campground as of late. 4 days is too little, 9 days is too long, but 7 days seems to be the sweet spot. Moving too fast from city to city is just too exhausting. We made it to 7 days of dry camping with room to spare in the tanks. Luckily, we didn’t need to tow our full tanks for long as the dump station was only minutes from our campground at Elkmont. Getting into the dump station, however, was challenging. It was a tight circle just to pull in, not to mention the slope in getting to the drain. If you weren’t paying attention, you’d definitely be in for bottoming out your rig.

Somewhere along Highway 280, shortly before our arrival to Pisgah National Forest, a guy coming the opposite way on a curved section pulling a debris trailer was 5-6 inches in our lane. Mind you the lanes were narrow to begin with and no shoulder to speak of. And when you’re towing, swerving is not the best option, but Jeff had to move over slightly, to avoid getting hit. I swear, sometimes it’s good that I’m on my laptop in my own little world, just so I don’t have to watch these things.

Davidson River Campground, in the Pisgah National Forest is very nice. We will certainly be in for a lot of exploring in the coming days with the mile-high peaks, waterfalls, and numerous forested hiking trails. It didn’t take long for Sadie and Jeff to find the perfect swimming hole 💦 just a stone’s throw from our campsite.

Backing into our site was also not the ideal situation since pulling in was on the passenger side, not the driver’s side, which makes it harder to see what you’re doing. It only took 2 tries and we were in, but with an audience. Jeff was a bit annoyed until the man told him he was simply watching to see how it’s done, since he’s in the market for a new travel trailer. It really is not fun having an audience when you’re trying to back in. If they are watching, I’d prefer they do so from the comfort of their trailer and not their lawn chair.

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