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Sweepers and Scullies

~Saturday, April 1, 2023~

Day 1,022

It’s not everyday that you wake up to a rowing tournament right outside your door. The projected sound of megaphones, the excited cheers of teen boys and girls rooting each other on, and the crowd’s applause definitely piqued our curiosity. What’s impressive are the boats they use. The long ones, called ‘sweep boats’ , are 34-feet long and weigh a minimum of 59 pounds. The shorter boats called ‘sculls’,

are 27-feet long and weigh a minimum of 30 pounds. The sweepers have only 1 oar held with both hands and skullies have 2 oars, 1 in each hand. Now that we’re used to towing a trailer, we empathize with the driver who tows those extra long boats. The teams we saw today were from Braves Rowing Incorporated. Locally established in 1985,

it is open to all students of Boone High School, male and female. Jeff and I have always thought of rowing as such a great sport allowing people of all ages, sizes and physical limitations to row and achieve a level of accomplishment that is both physically beneficial and personally rewarding. It’s just too bad, not all schools offer it. Though it would have been fun to participate, it was fun to watch!

With our campground so quiet all week, it’s nice to see sites filling up and hearing the sound of children’s voices again. Assuming that families are here to see ‘Mickey’, we can only imagine how excited they must be, anticipating the thrill that only Disney World brings.

Nowhere does it say in the park rules that we’re NOT allowed to wash our RV, so are we to assume we can? That was our plan but we got a little chicken with all the City of Orlando vehicles, routinely checking up on the campground. So we never did wash either Hank or Billie Jean and boy do they need it. We’ll shoot that big chore at the next campground. Instead, while Jeff tinkered on a few small projects (nothing really worth noting), I stayed anchored to my laptop to play catch up on all my blogging about what we’ve been up to in Orlando, not to mention the videos that accompany them. Hope you enjoy them! At least we have a week delay in posts which gives me some cushion to get caught up. Reflecting on the last week, of all the Disney entertainment we had, we’d put EPCOT at the top of our list. The rides were great, it wasn’t overly crowded and we loved visiting the mile-long promenade of the World Showcase, highlighting 11 countries. We’re so pleased with where we stayed, what we did and how we scheduled our time. Hope to be back very soon, but next time with grandkids!

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