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Suds Up!

~Saturday, March 6, 2021~

Day 265

Not much excitement today in Statesboro, so I’ll make this post short and sweet (you could only hope). After putting in a phone call to the front office, we found out we’re allowed to wash our vehicles on the premises. Since they’ve had more rain than they ever wished for, we had the green light. I guess Georgia has had its share of more frequent, extreme droughts and evidently issues with their water supply due to population growth of Atlanta, and conflicts with neighboring states over their Chattahoochee River water supply. And we thought California was the only one with problems. 😝Finally, the rig is getting its overdue bath. Darn, I should have captured a photo of Jeff on the roof once again. Aahh, it’s nice to see out of those windows once again! “Hank” needs a bath too, but hopefully we can tackle that one tomorrow.

Me… prep and bills. Fun, fun, fun. Signing off for today.

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