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Stranded Travelers

~Sunday, July 19, 2020~

Day 35

Since it’s a Sunday, we’re in idle mode with any truck repairs, so it’s a day at La Quinta Inn for the day. Unfortunately with COVID, all of the common areas are either taped off or closed, and it’s 104 degrees outside. Hey, at least it’s air conditioned. To start the day off, I made a trip to Target to pick up some waters, juice, gum, Jolly Ranchers that will help keep us awake for our future long drives, and shampoo for the hotel room. Since my hair seems to take a ½ bottle of shampoo with each washing, the hotel sample bottle size will not suffice! There is a Starbuck’s right next to our hotel and since that is one of my favorite vices in the morning, had to make a stop. I promised myself during this trip, that I’d only go once or twice a month. So far, I’ve held to that. At least I had a project to work on….photo albums. I’m down to the final 3 albums, as now everything from here on out will be stored in the cloud and ultimately a terabyte external drive. I think in all, we have over 40 albums that someday will get passed on to our children. My only hope is that they get alot of joy out of looking at them and not find them a nuisance to store.

Jeff had a project of his own, working on putting together a spreadsheet list of every state we plan on visiting and places to stay along with sites we want to visit. Originally, he had a rough list on his phone, but not as detailed. This should be a great tool for us as we plan our adventure.

We took Sadie on a little walk around the hotel neighborhood later in the day to let the temperature get a bit cooler (91 degrees). We hadn’t eaten anything since morning, so we walked over to Panda Express for some spicy food (a nice change from hamburgers and Subway). We made some phone calls to my mom and my bestie Michele telling them about our whole ordeal. Jeff also caught up with Mimi and luckily they’re completely flexible with our arrival time. She did mention that while we’re stranded in Bakersfield, to check out Buck Owen’s Crystal Palace Museum. We just may do that if this won’t be a quick fix.


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