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Stimulation Overload

~Friday, February 5, 2021~

Day 236

Overcast day, but no rain yet. It really is crazy the swing in weather we have had since being in the southeast….shorts/t-shirts just 2 weeks ago to sweater and rain gear. My closet cannot make up its mind. It sure would have been nice to see Savannah in the springtime with all of the amazing azaleas in bloom. But, no matter, we are still thrilled to be in this beautiful city…..finally. This city has most certainly been at the top of our must see list. So of course we can’t let a day go by without being a tourist. Here were our stops for today. Have you been to any of these?

Site #1: The Bonaventure Cemetery-on a scenic bluff of the Wilmington River, this 100+ acre property is revered as one of the most beautiful cemeteries in the United States.

Prior to the city of Savannah purchasing the property, it had been a family owned plantation site since the mid 17th century. After the city’s purchase, a section of land was bought by the Mickve Israel congregation. The Jewish portion of the cemetery is most identifiable with every grave being marked with the Star of David. Gothic statues, hanging Spanish moss and dramatic trees make this such a beautiful, peaceful place of history.

Site #2: The Cathedral Basilica of St. John the Baptist-first constructed in 1811 until a fire swept through the structure in 1898 with only walls and towers remaining.

The interior was completed in 1911 and was the first building in Georgia constructed of brick. Many restorations over the years have made it the beauty that it is today.

Site #3: Colonial Park Cemetery- (I guess we really wanted to see cemeteries today. Portals to history 😉I say) This cemetery was built in 1750 and contains many of Savannah’s earliest settlers, including hundreds of people who fell victim to the Yellow Fever epidemic of 1820. Several historic markers have been placed next to graves of notable people, also describing important events that took place here so many years ago. There are over 9,000 graves on 6 acres with the latest burial in 1853. The cemetery served as the primary public cemetery from 1750 to 1853.

Site #4: Jones Street-(the most scenic street in Savannah). Looks like something out of a Norman Rockwell Painting.

With its mid-19th century architecture, flanked by glorious oak trees draping with Spanish Moss, it was a beautiful and quiet walk right near the center of the Historic District.

Site #5: and the most important stop of the day: Service Brewing Co. (again). Patrick, our brewery bartender last night suggested we come back for taco Friday along with a little live Bluegrass. The tacos and beer went together fabulously, while listening to Swamptooth. This band’s Bluegrass music was incredible.

We liked them so much, we signed up for their email newsletter/fan club! Jeff and I have always loved this genre of fact, you can have a listen to a selection we chose months ago on our “footprints” homepage by the Stoney Creek Bluegrass Band. Oh, and we made a toast to our 200 followers on Instagram and our faithful travel blog readers. Thank you all for tuning in and supporting us on this journey!

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