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Sticker Shock and Tamers

~Wednesday, June 15, 2022~

Day 731

Ugh!! The after effects of a little too much wine. Never any fun. As I mentioned in yesterday’s blog, we had an overzealous waitress the night before, but in the end I have no one to blame but myself for the number of pours do I?

“Missed call from Whitefish, MT”. What a bummer that I missed my hubby’s phone call, especially after learning that he has no cell reception at the campground he’s staying at. He had driven 8 miles into town to where he could call me, to subsequently stop at the grocery, then fill the propane tanks and the gas tank before driving the other 10 minutes to the airport to pick up our son, Shane.

But Shane and his buddy Trevor, missed their flight. In frustration, not knowing the details, I’m only left to imagine that he didn’t allow enough time to get through security, that his car might have broken down, or even worse that his plans completely fell through. I think we all have felt the pain of missing a flight, right? I recall (and wish I could forget) a very stressful, expensive lesson in missing our flight from St. Lucia to home. All for the sake of an overextended lunch date. Anyway, what do you do when you don't have the company you thought you would? Get a project or two done. Today would be putting the rock tamer on the truck. We purchased this several months ago to put on the truck in preparation for Alaska, and all the gravel roads we'll be traveling on.

Hopefully this

will give us added protection in not pitting our front trailer window and the front of the rig. 🤞

Attending my mom’s gym class should take the sting out of my worry, at least for the time being. My mom has recently begun attending fitness classes at a nearby gym and thought it would be fun doing a class together. Apparently her original instructor is on a leave of absence for the time being, so my mom has yet to find one equally as good. But the woman who led the class today had good energy as she offered a variety of exercises that seemed to involve each muscle group, except cardio, though my mom has done a few classes in the past that incorporated some form of heart pumping exercises. For a bonus challenge, I added 3 lb. weights to the arm exercises, which nearly did me in, so I know I’ll be feelin’ the pain tomorrow after waking up several muscle groups that have been dormant over the course of our trip. I seriously think that not having the home projects that I was used to doing regularly like gardening, cleaning, etc. is a big reason that my upper body isn’t as strong. I feel strong in my legs and cardio from all the hiking at high altitude, but feeling a little wimpy in the arms. Mom did great and hope she continues to enjoy it AND that she gets her original instructor back.

The rest of the day was spent doing a few errands with mom and tackling more yard work. Feels so good to help mom and to be back out in a garden. We decided on a light, refreshing steak salad dinner, one which Jeff and I enjoy very much during those warm summer days and thought mom would enjoy it too. It was a team effort……mom-the steak, me-the remaining ingredients. All turned out delicioso and it was the perfect evening to enjoy our lovely meal alfresco. I think Bella may have scored a few nibbles as well.

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