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Stealthy Car Washing

~Sunday, February 20, 2022~

Day 616

Since we’re heading to a smaller town on Tuesday, I had some much needed errands to conquer…….Target, HomeGoods (no luck there), Lowe’s, WalMart, Hobby Lobby (they were closed due to worship), and Trader Joe’s and Frye’s for the things I couldn’t find at Trader’s. With the lengthy amount of stops, it didn’t put me back to the campsite until 8:00 p.m., factoring in a 30-minute drive each way.

At least I got to see an amazing sunset from the parking lot of Trader Joe's. Happily, I was able to keep the Kentucky Fried Chicken sign out of the photo.

When I returned, I found my husband outside with Sadie, giving Billie Jean (the trailer) a much needed bath and in the dark, no less. I’d say that’s true devotion to one’s equipment, don’t you think? And yes, he was cautious about his soap and water usage. With the other outside projects Jeff was working on earlier in the day, evidently the dog barking was at an all-time high. And when there was a break from the incessant noise, he and our neighbor Mike could carry on a worthwhile conversation about RV cleaning products and worthwhile destinations. Then came the reality of just how much we’ve seen in our short 20 months that normally would take years to see. And it sounds like our plans of visiting the old mining town of Bisbee tomorrow will be a worthwhile one…..”You’ll LOVE it”, Mike said. It sounds like he and his wife will be moving on in 2 weeks to California after spending much of their winter in Tucson. Wishing them a safe journey!

Jeff put together a delicious hamburger dinner while I put all the “goods” away. It was then that I realized I’d done it again. On my last 2 shopping outings, I’ve done a few quirky things which I’d like to blame on COVID. You’ve heard of COVID brain haven’t you? Last time, I accidentally put not 1, but 2 bottles of vodka in my grocery cart not even realizing it at checkout (shows you I’m not paying attention to the total). And today, I purchased not 1 but 2 packages of foam brushes and brioche hot dog buns, not the hamburger buns that we needed. I didn’t even know they made Brioche hot dog buns. In my defense, all of the pictures and writing on the package distracted from what was inside, with the word BRIOCHE highlighted. So you can see how this would happen of course! Jeff and I both got a laugh out of that one as we proceeded to do a work around by simply cutting the bun across and opening it on the fold to voila……the same size bun. In the end, it all tastes the same, right?

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