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Staying Productive

~Sunday, July 26, 2020~

Day 42

Another squelcher in good ol’ Bakersfield. Not a great day to finish cleaning outside windows, but at least they’ll look great, and there’s nothing like a good sweat and being able to see across the street.

Got some good walking in for the both of us. While Jeff was gone doing errands, I met one of the camp hosts here named Noel. She stopped on her golf cart to ask me if we were the couple asking about the solar panel. Boy, word travels quickly around this RV park. It turns out, we ARE o.k. to install the solar panel while we’re staying here. The problem is, we left it in our truck at the dealership since we were originally told we were NOT o.k. to install it. I explained to her since we were stuck here we wanted to take advantage of the time to get it installed. I also had her book additional days for us at our site where they’ll have to shuffle a few guests around to accommodate us, and assured me it wasn’t a problem. We just didn’t want to have to move again.

I spent the greater part of the day working on our Wix website/blog (this stuff takes a lot of time), while Jeff worked on our reservations for Oregon. It turns out the highly desirable campground at Wallowa Lake State Park is completely booked. We had heard about this place from Tim’s sister (not sure if she actually stayed there). But the scenery looks incredible. With the fact we want to stay somewhere close in that vicinity, we explored some other options, i.e. Park at the River RV, and Mountain View Motel & RV Park. I know it sounds hokey, but wait till you see the photos. We certainly would have had more options had we booked things earlier, but with all of the delays, you just never know. Luckily, after talking with Scott, the owner of Mountain View Motel, we were able to snag a spot from August 13 to August 18th (mom Trom’s bday!). The plan so far, after we get our truck and we’re back on the road which should be this Saturday, the 1st, we head up to Mimi and Dave Conley’s in Newberg, OR (can’t wait to see them!) then head over to see my sister, Tracy and bro-in-law, Tim in Lake Oswego, OR, before heading east to the Wallowa Lake area. Tomorrow, hopefully Chris can set us up with a small car we can tootle around outside of Bakersfield with to get out of this heat.

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