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Sorely Mistaken

~Wednesday, July 20, 2022~

Day 766 (Travel Day)

Day 30 of Alaska Trip

Finally….a break in the clouds today which made for a good occasion to travel, and a short one at that….only 45 minutes compared to our 5-6 hour drives as of late. Our move today was to the lovely town of Eagle River, about 20 minutes outside of Anchorage. Nearing the town, we encountered a young crazy driver who was on a mission to cross 3 lanes of traffic to make her last minute right turn into a shopping center. In the process, we’re having to suddenly break with the trailer in tow, to prevent a front left collision between her and the truck. Was the turn that important? If Jeff hadn’t been on it, we’d likely have Hank in the shop. At least we could go on about our day.

We were getting to Eagle River early enough that we could make a few necessary stops before arriving at our campsite; things like propane, dump station, water and diesel. And, it was an all-in-one stop! The gas prices continue to put us in a state of shock, but somehow find $5.50/gallon for diesel more appealing than the $6.50/gallon prices we were seeing earlier getting into Alaska. It’s truly amazing that only 2 years ago, we were paying $1.90 at the start of the trip (2020)

We have to admit, we were a little hesitant on what we’d find at Eagle River Campground. In fact, one of our heavily reliant apps we use for our travels, really slammed the place and must say they are VERY much mistaken. Aside from not having an operable dump/water station, this is a great campground…..nicely spaced, clean campsites with fire rings and picnic tables, beautiful vegetation/trees and garbage service (a rare thing in many campgrounds in Alaska). I will absolutely be correcting IOverlander’s review of the place. Bring on a little of that sunshine, and we’ll really be good!

While Jeff stayed back to begin setting up, I took a walk to the fee station when I came upon a female moose enjoying her grazing time, paying no attention to me, whatsoever; and wouldn’t you know it….the one time I’m not carrying my camera? Hopefully we’ll have another opportunity sometime soon to capture it on film to share with ya’ll!

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