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Soaking it Up!

~Sunday, November 7, 2021~

Day 511

Nice to wake up to sunshine, finally!! Not a cloud in the sky. We weren’t able to check out Destin the last time we were here, so Destin it would be for today. Other than playing tourist, the only thing required today was getting a nail trim for Sadie. Fortunately, there was one in Destin with no appointment necessary. Sadie’s rabies vaccine had expired since her last visit, so we had to show proof of her updated shots we had recently taken care of in Vermont. Everyone is short staffed these days, so I must have waited 10 minutes before anyone showed up in the salon to simply acknowledge that I was there. Grrr!! Trying to stay patient during these pandemic times. In the end, Sadie scored a nice manicure, dog shampoo and a delicious knee bone.

From there, the three of us headed for the Destin Harbor Boardwalk, a bustling destination for bars, restaurants, boating & tourist attractions and shops. We even saw a few zipliners right on the boardwalk. Parking was a breeze due to the slower tourist season and the fact it was a Sunday and football day. A quarter-mile long, the boardwalk project was completed in 2012 with new decking, lighting, landscaping and seating. It was a blast checking out the many large fishing boats

and luxurious yachts. And we just couldn’t get over the weather. It seriously was THE best weather day of our trip so far.

No humidity, perfect temperature (upper 70’s), and not a cloud in the sky. Gorgeous!! And no crowds!

Later in the afternoon, Jeff was intrigued with one of the many bars along the route, but after a restroom break and a brief look around, decided it was a bit too divey to our liking. Eventually, we found the perfect place for us and our Sadie…...Tailfins Waterfront Grill/Sports Bar, a lively sports tavern with harbor views. Sadie was once again the greeter and center of attention. Our waiter was terrific. Apparently, he and his buddy just drove to Destin from Idaho in search of new beginnings. For now, while they look for an apartment, they’re staying at an AirB&B which is easy to come by because of the time of year. It was his 4th day on the job.

On the way home, we thought we’d check out Henderson State Beach, with its pristine white sugar sand beaches and long shoreline. The fact they were closing in 30 minutes (sunset is so much earlier now), we decided not to pay the $6.00 admission fee. We might come back another time. Our beach (Santa Rosa Beach) is just as beautiful and only a bike ride away.

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