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Slippin' and a Slidin'

~Tuesday, June 30, 2020~

Day 16

A day for me on the phone with tech support for my Sony camera. Turns out I talked to a brilliant tech guy, who couldn’t wait to share all of the ins and outs of the camera. Definitely a help, but my call was based more on software compatibility with my camera to my operating system on my laptop. I also called Apple support for some formatting issues with the movies I had recorded on my camera. I know, you’re probably asking why don’t you just use your phone? The photos on my camera are waaaaay better quality and obviously have more shooting options with the camera. I was able to get that straightened out too with Apple. So all is good in tech land. Well, except after Jeff washed down the RV with his new parabolic extension brush top to bottom, we had some issues with the large awning. By the way, if you can buy the extension pole with an optional hose attachment, it’s worth the extra $10. Back to the awning. It extended fine, but then decided to retract on its own, with the bars not fully tucked against the RV.

Beautiful day today, with the fog rolling in around 5:00. We took a walk down to the sea wall, with pretty big waves spilling over it. There are signs out there that tell you to not go past a certain point, but many find that even more enticing to try it, only to get swept out to sea. We witnessed one of those, not getting swept out, but disregarding the rules only to get soaked. I guess today was her lucky day.

We came back to our site to play some cornhole with definite improvement as we got to game 3. Then a delicious spaghetti dinner followed by a much needed bath night for Sadie-her first on the road. What I thought was going to be challenging turned out to be simple. She walked right into the RV shower, like she does at home. No problem except when she found out she has ½ the space.

There was a little slippin’ and a slidin’ but she did great, so a bath rubber bath mat next time. After 45 minutes of blow drying next to the fireplace in our trailer (yes, not just for looks but puts out the heat too), Sadie loved her pampering. Only 1 more full day left here, and much to get done before we take our abode in to be looked at on Thursday.

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