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Sharing Ideas

~Monday, March 14, 2022~

Day 638

Welcome to our “pad”! The third family (friends of Derek, Kristen, Amy & Mike) showed up with their 4 kids and a fifth wheel. Oh, and a truck load full of wood carvings, i.e. owls, bears, birds, eagles, etc. Evidently he does an amazing job in this arena so hope we have an opportunity to meet him and see his work up close. I promise I’ll take a video if we do!!

A few of the kiddos came over to see if Sadie could play. So in exchange for them entertaining our pups, I made banana muffins for them all, and maybe a few for us. 😋Maybe she played a little too hard, since she didn’t keep her breakfast down. Poor girl. Not sure what’s disrupting her tummy, but after a few hours of letting her stomach settle, she was back to her young self and hungry as ever.

It’s always great exchanging ideas with fellow RVer’s of what works and what doesn’t. A few days ago, Derek was telling Jeff about how much space their 5-gallon water cans take up (can’t imagine how many of those you’d need for a family of 5). So of course, Jeff couldn’t wait to show him our handy dandy collapsible water bottles. They’ve worked incredibly well for us for nearly 2 years now with no tears or leaks. Jeff offered Derek to give them a whirl before ordering his own. Consensus: He loved them so much, he’s already placed an order. How could you not like them? They’re sturdy, space saving, and BPA free. You just have to be careful to let them air out after use to prevent mold. We hang ours upside down on the back of the trailer in full sun, when possible.

After 4 hours of booking excursions and mapping our lodging for our Alaska trip (we’re 60% done with our planning), it was time for a much needed evening walk with our Sadie. A beautiful evening, although we could have done without the dust being kicked up by all the passing ATV vehicles and RV’s. I envisioned looking like “Pig-Pen” from Charlie Brown by the time we were through. When we got back, we inherited a new neighbor, and I mean right next to us. It was so strange that this young couple in their rented sprinter van decided on this tiny little spot next to our truck (it really wasn’t a site), when there are way more desirable options. It was getting late in the day, so maybe they just wanted to pick something. Or maybe they like the “village” vibe as ours has become in recent days. What’s one more family I guess?

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