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Shake it Baby!

~Friday, March 3, 2023~

Day 993

Another breezy morning and a few scattered clouds but with temps in the low 90’s with 75% humidity; nothing that an ice-cold fruit shake can’t cure….any excuse to visit Robert is Here. Not much to report from Long-Pine Key Campground other than Jeff completing Step 3 of 4 on the bathroom ventilation fan.….adding Dycor (super caulk) around all the screws and the perimeter of the fan itself. This stuff is bullet proof, though it ain’t pretty; just one big oozy mess. But RV roofs aren’t meant to be attractive, right? All we ask is that whatever penetrates the roof, we have a tight water seal. The true test will be our first rain which is likely to be a while since Florida’s forecast, at least for now, is sun, sun, sun.

By about 4:30, it was cool enough to take off (without Sadie) to pick up a few refreshing drinks. This time, a

passion fruit, mango, banana shake for me and a coconut, banana, mango one for Jeff. Sipping our refreshing drinks while checking out the many farm animals was a nice little outing. Of course we couldn’t leave without picking up a few locally grown items like tomatoes, kale (for our smoothies), and more passion fruit. At checkout, my jaw dropped to the floor when I found out my 2 passion fruits came to $6 (they’re smaller than a tennis ball and barely weigh anything). Without hesitation, I politely asked the clerk if there might have been some mistake? She said in an aloof tone, “Well, they are $13/pound you know”. My reply, “Then how much on average do you get in a pound?” “About 7 or 8,” she said. I guess I could have done the math. But since Passionfruit has become my new “passion”, and an expensive one at that, I suppose I’ll just have to grow my own. Do you think they’ll do well in North Carolina? Well, I’m gonna try. You can bet that you’ll be seeing cute little Passionfruits dangling from our future trellis or pergola in the near future. And the flowers are gorgeous!

When the weather’s this warm, dusk and the more favorable temperatures can’t come soon enough. Being our favorite time of day,

I sure wish it would linger. Wouldn’t that be great if we could make time stand still, especially if the moments are fantastic? Food for thought. At least it hung in there enough for a fun evening of cornhole and one void of bugs. We couldn’t remember the last time we had played. I think long dry spells between matches doesn’t do me any favors. I lost miserably 5 to 21. Why is it that I can score 4 back to back cornholes when I’m in practice mode but when it’s a real game, I lose all my mojo!!? 🤨

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