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Seeing Long-Time Friends

~Thursday, August 6, 2020~

Day 53

Sadie loves waking up to new places, especially one’s that are cooler. This particular morning, she took advantage of the huge parking lot and hills behind us, to run around and stretch those legs, while we soaked up the clean, fresh, cool air. It looks like we dodged a heavy downpour yesterday with how much water was in the parking lot. We left Rain Rock Casino parking lot around 10:30 to head up to Mimi and Dave’s. It felt wonderful to get a good night’s sleep finally without the heat, although it was a bit cozier without having the slide outs extended in the trailer.

Saw a bit of Mt. Shasta this morning, with snow only about the last 1000 feet in the chutes. Not the time of year to be climbing of course. The first real test on the new transmission was driving over the Siskiyou Mountains. We’re still experimenting with how to break-in the “tow-mode” for the truck. On the first part of the descent as I was coming down the 6% grade (for 7 miles), I pressed the brake too hard which forced the truck to gear 2 instead of a slow downshift to 6 or 7. As this was happening, Jeff got out the manual to read up on what to do in these situations. The solution: tap gently in the beginning to slowly ease into the downshifts. So I tried it on the next 6% descent and much better. Hang in there Jessie (our truck’s name).

After researching nearby truck stops on AllStays (a must have app that lets you customize your route and lists dumping stations, overpasses, Walmarts, Costcos and gas stations to name a few), we made a stop at Seven Feathers Truck Stop in Canyonville. This was THE best place to stop for diesel and DEF (diesel exhaust fluid). DEF is a product that came out around 2011, that reduces the amount of emissions that come out of diesel fuel. It’s been on all diesel trucks since then. With our particular truck, it will automatically limit your speed if you allow it to go to a zero reading, forcing you to fill it. Great concept, and anything to help the environment. You can actually stand behind a diesel truck and not smell any fumes because of the DEF.

Once we turned off to Mimi & Dave’s place, it was a bit challenging with the steep, winding road. There was a delay in the GPS so we missed the turn to their place, which meant Jeff had to back up a bit and block a little traffic. Always a bit stressful. The remote area they live in is absolutely stunning with forest and mountains as far as the eye can see. Mimi and Dave may find themselves some new neighbors a year from now. We met with long overdue hugs. So great to finally see each other after 4 years have passed, but feels like just yesterday that we were together. We just picked up where we left off. Sadie was greeted by their herding dog, Lucy with boundless energy. The property is perfect for horses and dogs that love a long, good chase. Sadie was thrilled to be off leash and really get a good run in. It is so sweet of Mimi and Dave to allow us a resting place for the truck/trailer for a few days while we visit them and go to Lake Oswego to visit Tim and Tracy. Mimi and Dave gave us a tour then led us to our guest unit which seriously feels like a spa retreat. Gorgeous. I really thought they were kidding, thinking it was their master suite. It’s so considerate of them to let us stay here.

After our tour we had to get over to their neighbor’s winery before closing.

We hadn’t arrived to Mimi and Dave’s until 4:30 so we were pushing it getting there so late. We were greeted by their friends and winery owners Bill and Sandy Sanchez who own Potter’s Vineyard. They had tried to use the name, Potter’s Vineyard on their labels, but there was another established company already using a similar name of Potter’s Gin. To prevent the headache and legal fees to fight for their namesake, they settled on using the name Vino Vasai, which means Potter’s Vineyard in Italian, for their labeling. Both Bill and Sandy are potterers and proudly display their art as well as other artists work in their modest wine/gift shop. Their kiln is right next to their tasting room. And the wines were delicious. Bill shared the history of acquiring the property 8 years ago, purchasing the already planted vineyard of predominantly Pinot Noir. They produce Chardonnay, and Cabernet also. Mimi had packed some delicious snacks for all of us to share, thank goodness, as none of us had lunch and it was already 5:00. Jeff and I ended up purchasing a 2016 Reserve Pinot, 2018 Chardonnay, and a bottle of sparkling rose (made from their estate Pinot) for Tim and Tracy since we know they are big sparkling wine fans.

We got back to Mimi and Dave’s and finished our tour of their property then had a delicious dinner of pork tenderloin, salad and corn on the cob. Dave & Jeff hit the hay, only to leave Mim’s and I up until 2:00 a.m. with oodles to catch up on.

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