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Seeing Family Again!

~Monday, September 21, 2020~

Day 99

Couldn’t wait to see our grandchildren. Happily, Easton is with Hannah and Devin an extra day so we are able to spend time with him today, which makes it even more important to get there at a good time. But first, dropping off the trailer to Richardson’s RV. The drive was only 25 minutes from the RV park and met with Steve who already had his list, then compared it with ours (which was exact), but since we had last talked we discovered a few more issues, one being the warped countertop at the sink. It’s been getting worse over the past few days, and we’re really good about keeping the area dry. Unfortunately, Lance never caulked around the sink (just like they never caulked around the shower). The second new item was a refrigerant leak possibly at the back air conditioner. Jeff had gotten up there a week ago, and noticed a yellowy stain next to the A/C unit. We know these new items won’t be done on this trip, but we wanted them noted. It will likely be that those repairs will be done at another facility. Crossing our fingers that everything else can be completed by Wednesday. So we gathered up the laundry, and whatever else we might need and headed to San Marcos (about an hour away).

After we texted Hannah that we had arrived, our little munchkin grandson Easton, excitedly ran toward us yelling Grandpa...Grandma!!

And fortunately Hannah filmed it. Warmed our hearts. Of course one of the first things he noticed was grandpa’s truck, then proudly showed us his boxcar truck. First it was dinosaurs, now it’s trucks. Fortunately, Then we saw Devin and little Carson-wow in just a few months, so many changes. And what a smiley baby.

Easton couldn’t wait to show us all of his toys again, wanting to build a car wash out of blocks. Then a little swim time.

Seeing Easton more eager to get in the water is great, where once it was a thing of anxiety and dread but now he proudly wears his floaty device. We all had a great time at the pool before heading out to dinner. We gave some big squeezes to Easton since he had to go back to his dad’s this early evening. I know we’ll see some big changes with him in the coming months. After we said our goodbyes to Easton, we met up later with Hannah and Devin at a spot he discovered a few weeks ago while Door Dashing (a food delivery service where you can make a little extra cash on the side). It’s called Urge Gastro Pub & Commonhouse in San Marcos. What a name...right? Great food, and the potential to knock it out of the park in terms of ambiance. With COVID, there is no “life” or vibrancy at the moment, but can only imagine this place would be a blast to hang out when things are back to normal. They have an indoor bowling area, a huge outdoor seating area and room for Cornhole, and a large amount of seating inside. Definitely should check it out. We were celebrating Devin’s 24th birthday a little early (his real birthday is September 24th). A fun evening together.

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