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~Saturday, January 15, 2022~

Day 580

The wind last night was insane, so much so that it prompted Jeff to check what the speeds were…..25 mph and steady the entire night. We had already brought in our main awnings, but the awnings over the slides were sure not happy. They survived the night as they’re more taught in construction, but man are they loud when the wind picks up. I guess we could always bring in the slides if it ever got really bad.

We noticed a lot of new arrivals today which is kind of unusual for a Saturday. When booking reservations (and we’ve learned the hard way), you have a much better chance of booking a site with a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday arrival. The other interesting thing is the number of travel trailers we’re seeing here (not a lot of Class A’s (motorhomes) or Fifth Wheels) which is surprising considering how long and big most of the sites are. And the best sites by far, are the boondocking sites, like ours. The full/partial hookup sites are closer together and not as close to the mountains. And my goodness, we’ve never seen so many Lance trailers in one place. But we are in the West after all (where they’re manufactured), so we’ll continue to see more I’m sure.

Before the Wildcard Playoff games were set to begin, Jeff headed for the dump station to pick up more water and look into the firewood situation. $7.00/bundle and sold between 4:00 and 7:00 p.m. Can’t wait to enjoy a little firetime in the desert. I must be feeling better as I spent hours scrubbing our vinyl floors in the trailer. It really is an ingenious floor as it looks like real wood, but hides nearly everything. Pretty indestructible. But the dirt had become ground in so much that it made the floors look dark and dingy; they’ve had a solid 18 months of use after all. It was time to reverse the wear and brighten them up a bit. My ammo……Pampers baby wipes. It took nearly a whole package but man did it do the trick. A light mopping would not have been good enough since the dirt was pretty ground in. I should have taken a “before” photo, but here’s the “after”.

They look just as good as the day we picked up the trailer. We may have to look into sealing them but not sure if vinyl can be sealed. We’ll let you know.

Our football Saturday was great as both teams we were rooting for, won. The Bengals vs. The Raiders (the Bengals won with a controversial ending due to a premature whistle blow by the refs). The Bengals have not won a playoff game in 31 years so I’d say they’re overdue. The other game was the Bills vs. the Patriots. Even though these 2 teams are used to playing in cold conditions, I still don’t know how they did it today in 5 degree weather. But the Bills won! So nice to see New England NOT in Super Bowl contention. It’s someone else’s turn. Plus the Bills have never won a Super Bowl. If the 49er’s end up not winning tomorrow, I’m rooting for the Bills all the way!

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