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Santa is Here

~Monday, November 30, 2020~

Day 169

Oh my goodness.

I just woke up and who did I see,

but Santa with no reindeer, yet an RV.

Parking his 40 foot trailer,

So lively and quick,

I knew in a moment, it must be St. Nick

Ok, ok, poetry is not my thing and it’s probably not Santa, but he’s definitely earned the nickname.

So as we say goodbye to our neighbors from San Diego, we inherit “Santa”. We exchanged information with Stan and Holly. Hopefully we keep in touch, as we have similar ideas about our travels and moving plans. Really nice couple.

Another, clear, sunny, beautiful day in Tucson. I do miss the rain a little bit, but I’ll settle for this too. Another task day at our campsite (sorry guys… sightseeing again today), but we’re at a perfect spot to take care of the trailer, make lists (checking them twice), and tackle some online Christmas shopping while we have a good internet signal.

Jeff spent most of the afternoon on the “living side” of the trailer taking out those surface scratches. He’ s doing such a great job. And while he’s at it, he’s adding a coat of wax. The sides are done, so now for the front and back of the trailer which he hopes to tackle tomorrow. I too, had a successful day as I got 75% of my Christmas shopping done online and out and about. It appears many people are shopping early AND decorating early. With the kind of year we’ve all had, I think having your personal space well appointed for the holidays could not come soon enough. I thought my husband would freak out when he saw bag upon bag of holiday decorations enter the trailer. He LOVES the holidays, so all is good. Whew! It’s really important to us, while not having a home, to make our trailer space homey as much as possible. Look forward to setting things up Christmas in the desert when we get to Joshua Tree in a few days.

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