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Sadie's Disneyland

~Wednesday, December 8, 2021~

Day 542

Woke up to another misty morning, and a sun that decided to hide ALL day. No matter the weather, Sadie and I had plans to get to Alston Park for some much needed dog fun, which meant I needed the truck. After Jeff picked up the supplies he needed for the day, I dropped him at Shane’s place so he could tackle a few more projects……insulating the water heater and wrapping outdoor pipes. Oh joy! And like most projects, things came up in the process, requiring extra patience, parts and time. Isn’t that always the way? He also did some weed whacking and lawn prep into the early evening, operating by headlamp.

The 10-15 minute drive to Alston was met with excitement and eagerness, the entire time. Sadie could not contain herself. Once we got there, she led the way, remembering every turn and favorite spot, as if she never left. With recent rains, the 150-acre park was a muddy mess…..lots of slipping and sliding. But we still had a great time. What a fun dog-Disneyland kind of day digging for gophers, jumping into the cold

swimming hole, chasing her ball, and meeting other furry friends. She’ll sleep well tonight.

Before heading home I had a few errands, one of which was purchasing another dog leash for Sadie and….maybe a few treats. Jeff and I started out the trip with 3 leashes, and somehow, we’re now down to 1. So I stopped at my favorite pet store in Napa and while I was checking out, noticed the dog tag engraving machine next to the counter. This reminded me that Sadie’s current name tag was barely readable (these machines don’t really do a deep engraving). So I asked the manager if it was possible to re-engrave her existing tag. Success! And he didn’t even charge me. It doesn’t hurt to ask, right?

When Shane got off work, he picked Jeff up and brought him to our place, so we could all enjoy a nice evening dinner together. BBQ hamburgers and homemade steak fries. Yum! So happy to have this time together, though it’s going by way too fast.

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