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~Sunday, February 27, 2022~

Day 623

It was another late night (2:30 a.m.) of cross-stitching away, so I wasn’t too happy when our Sadie decided to start her day at 7:00 a.m. After briefly letting her out for the “call of nature”, I tried to go back to sleep. But she continued to be restless, acting like she needed something else. Since more sleep wasn’t going to be an option for me, I made an exception to comfort Sadie by letting her lounge on the leather couch under a cozy blanket while I made my French pressed cup of “Joe”, and began my hour of writing. Not sure if she had an upset stomach or was in some sort of discomfort, but it seems laying on the couch and me being up with her, did get her to relax. I think part of the problem is we haven’t been giving Sadie the normal running she craves. Though walks are nice, they don’t match a great run! Much of our days lately are spent at the trailer planning out the rest of our 2022 and part of 2023 adventures (we have to take advantage of good Wi-Fi and electricity while we can). With maps, laptops, and the Milepost (the Alaska “bible”) it’s almost like a full-time job lately. We’ve got some really cool hikes planned for the remainder of time we’re in Arizona, many of them dog friendly. She just doesn’t know what’s in store. So for now we settle on a grassy enclosed dog park just minutes from our campground. Riverfront Dog Park is owned by the city of Cottonwood and is segregated by dog size and temperament with one section labeled “unsociable dogs”. I’d never seen that before! There was one dog in particular in the “unsociable” area whose idea of social interaction was running along the fence line with another dog on the other side, in the “friendly dog” section. I guess that’s one way to mingle a grouchy canine. Sadie was thrilled to be back on grass and have her ball time. It’s all about the ball, not about the other dogs.

A wonderful ending to a lovely day with a dinner of Filet Mignon, leftover risotto and a bottle of bubbly. Isn’t everyday worth celebrating?

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