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Routine Maintenance

~Saturday, March 27, 2021~

Day 286

What a hubby… start our day with anything made by him is a treat!. Breakfast a protein packed breakfast sandwich made with egg, pepper jack cheese, tomato, spinach and avocado on a sesame seed bagel. Deeeelicious! Weather was nice at the start, but switched over to a darker sky and lightning later in the day. Strange with it being Saturday that there was quite an exchange of departures and arrivals, but never a full campground as the site map indicated it would be this weekend. Maybe Friday’s storm drove them away. Our new neighbors are tent camping and man what a set up, and man are they in for quite the weather. At least the temps are decent.

Another great way to start our day (not)….a backed up shower. Well, what should I expect when we’re on day 5. So off to the dump station we go with another Blue Boy run. The funny thing was, was that we were planning to do this today anyway, knowing the weather was going to be pretty bad tomorrow.

While I spent most of the day researching the Fall foliage map and campgrounds/excursions for the East Coast leg of our trip, Jeff had other plans….draining and flushing the water heater…..a first since we left.

If you want your water heater to last, the rule seems to be to do this at least once a year and obviously more often if you’re full timing it. And it’s good to periodically check the pipe inside for critter’s nests. Yes...they have been known to create little homes inside these perfect little cubbies. Then Jeff remembered that we hadn’t sanitized the fresh water tank yet. But this requires quite a bit of water and preferably a level spot that isn’t so foresty. So we’ll have to wait on that one. Interestingly enough, per our manual, the freshwater tank does not have to be sanitized with bleach, unless there are significant taste/odor problems. So we shall see.

Nice evening talking to our bro-in-law Tim, trying to coordinate a time for them to meet up with us at a couple of our planned spots in the summer/fall. It’s looking like Tim will come out and meet us either at Mackinac Island or Niagara Falls in the summer and then Tracy will join him for a short weekend to do the Fall Foliage tour. Tim has a lot of time off from work built up, whereas Tracy is a bit more limited in that regard. We’ll take anything we can get. It will be such a treat to see them!

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