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Robert Is Break Our Bank

~Tuesday, February 28, 2023~

Day 990

While writing about yesterday’s events, enjoying the quietness of the morning, another red wren graced me with his presence. Is it possible that this could be the same bird that visited us at Collier-Seminole Campground where we stayed prior? I’d like to think so. We’ll see if he continues to be a regular.

Well, it appears that our third time of being in the Everglades will not be quite like our last. The higher temperatures are not in our favor as they continue to hover in the upper 80’s (not conducive to leaving a dog in a hot trailer). Most of the site seeing is not suited to bringing a dog, with all the Florida creatures and such, but we had way cooler temperatures the last time we were here which allowed us to leave Sadie on occasion while we toured during the day. We won’t be able to do that this time. When we originally booked Long Pine Key campground about 11 months ago, knowing there were no hookups, we had no way of knowing that we’d be dealing with this scenario. We’re not terribly disappointed with this limitation since it's the first time in nearly 3 years that we've had this happen. So we’ll take this opportunity to do a few projects and hang at the campground more (and we couldn’t ask for a more peaceful, beautiful setting then here).

Maybe it’s a way of telling us to enjoy a slower, peaceful pace while we can before hitting the craziness of the Florida Keys and Orlando.

But we did happen to find a perfect window later in the day to leave Sadie for 30 minutes. As the sun sank lower in the sky with the trailer cooled down to the low 70’s thanks to our reliable generator, we hit one of our favorite fruit stands called “Robert is Here”, famous for their delectable fresh fruit shakes.

You’d definitely break your bank making this a regular stop, but visiting once or twice wouldn’t kill us. The shakes are $10 each, but oh so worth it, and the produce is pricey, yet amazing! We chose to get things we wouldn’t normally find at the grocery……Sapodilla, Passion Fruit ($15.00/pound…yikes!!), Starfruit, and a Florida Avocado. The smile on our faces quickly disappeared to one of shock when we

found our grand total to be $22. Ouch!! Like I said, thank goodness we’re not regulars!

When we got back to the trailer, we decided to take a long evening walk with Sadie around the campground, enjoying the cooler temps and the orange tinged sunset sky. We also find it fun admiring everyone’s campsite setup (it’s what you do when you camp, right?). No campfire tonight since Jeff had opted for an evening of cooking one of our favorite pasta dishes….Sage Pasta with Mushroom and Pancetta. It’s a fun, but involved recipe with the majority of it spent reducing the sauce. This allows for an amazing concentrated flavor. We simply can’t get enough of this dish. If you’d like the recipe, let us know, we’d be happy to share.

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