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Road Families

~Tuesday, March 22, 2022~

Day 646 (Travel Day)

Break down day for everyone, our neighbors included. Jeff and I both agreed, had we taken our old, original spot at mile marker 4 on Loy Butte Road (the one where we received an unpleasant welcome from the lady stranger ), we would have never met these 3 amazing families. They are what made our boondocking stay in Sedona, so enjoyable and memorable. Funny how things work out for the best. It’s funny when you’re on the road full time, away from your family, I guess you sort of create your own “road” family. And since we all seem to have that one thing in common at least, a sense of adventure, it’s pretty easy. So of course it was fitting that we take a group “family” photo, kids and all (forgot the dogs-sorry Sadie).

Jeff and I were pretty impressed with the fact that Kristin & Derek and Mike & Amy’s families were ready to hit the road before us, with so many kids and stuff to get ready. The 2 families consistently travel together, homeschooling and working from the road. Amazing how they make it all work. We look forward to our next visit with them at the Grand Canyon as they scout out the perfect spot for all of us to enjoy the few overlapping days we have. Andrea and Sol were headed in a different direction so said our goodbyes for now. As we waved goodbye, they were still packing up the 5th wheel, 2 trucks and the “workshop” trailer. A lot to manage between the gear and their 3 kids.

Another short destination today to Zane Grey RV Village in Camp Verde, about 50 minutes from Sedona. Jeff and I had booked this resort last June (hard to believe how long ago that was), and now see why this place has such high demand.

Though Zane Grey is sort of out in the middle of nowhere, it’s only 50 minutes to Sedona and about 30 minutes to Cottonwood. Checking into the office, we were given treat bags for us and Sadie, and our mail we’d ordered over a week ago. They were so nice to hold these packages for us. Then we were escorted to our site by Brad (originally from Pennsylvania). As we drove through the park, we were thrilled to see such a welcome, pristine facility surrounded by a mix of Cottonwood, Sycamore, Birch and evergreen trees, all in their early stages of bloom. Can’t imagine what this place looks like once all the leaves fill in. It’s got to be gorgeous! Maybe it’s from coming off of 15 days of no services while boondocking, but really, we’d put this full-service park in our top 5. First of all the price….$35/night, Number 2: neat as a pin and private, Number 3: our site backs right up to a nice grassy area (though Sadie can’t touch it-complete torture) and Number 4: a 8-machine laundry facility and communal firepit near a creek. They do have a pet walk area down to the West Clear Creek which runs through the park, as well as a dog run area. So our pups is in a good place. At first we thought this was a 50+ RV park with the signs of utter quietness, every rig sparkling clean, and not a single person without gray hair. Oh, I guess I’m one of those people 😬 (though I don’t feel 50+....yet). But it appears this park is for everyone.

It was so nice to have the use of water to our hearts content, being mindful to still conserve. Having a 7 minute shower instead of 2 gives you a whole new lease on life. While Jeff did outside setup, I went to the task of getting rid of the 7 layers of Sedona dust, floor to ceiling inside our trailer. From 3:30 until 8:00, it was cleaning time. Every surface was covered in rust dust, floor to ceiling. I especially couldn’t wait to clean our bedding and get the endless loads of laundry begun. And since no one seems to do laundry at night, I had the whole place to myself. Wow….$1.50/load for wash, and $1.25/load for dry. What a bargain, so I’m doing it all…….pillows, rugs, you name it, it’s going in. Sadie also got another much needed bath. We’ve never seen the tub so dirty as her fir seems to collect every ounce of dust. She must feel so much better.

With all these tasks, by 10:00 it was time for dinner. For Jeff a restaurant style BLT and me a mushroom, broccoli, carrot, noodle stir fry that my hubby was so sweet enough to prepare! I am one lucky lady!! 😋❤️

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