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Quiet Observers

~Sunday, June 26, 2022~

Day 742

Day 6 of Alaska Trip

It’s so nice to have a chill day, and we couldn’t ask for a better place to do it than at Witset RV and Campground. We have really scored lately in the lodging department! The wildflower smells, the sound of the river, complete privacy, and ideal temps made this a place to simply “be'' for the day before our big drive tomorrow. It was quite a busy morning in the kitchen between me making berry topped pancakes and eggs and a batch of banana/berry muffins (it’s a berry kind of day). I made sure to gift a few to Brenda and her husband for being such wonderful hosts. It seems to always put a smile on people’s faces.

In bear territory, Jeff and Sadie had their first encounter on their morning walk (well, actually a diverted bear encounter). Their meeting happened at the museum,

about 200 yards from our campsite, as they were coming down a steep set of wooden stairs

leading down to the river. The area is surrounded by gorgeous wildflowers and tall brush. Jeff thought it was peculiar that 3 cars were slowing down, looking up at him, until he really saw what they were staring at……a young cinnamon colored adult bear, munching away on berries to his right. At least it had food alternatives. With his bear spray ready, Jeff and Sadie saw it, and it saw them, with no reaction from either, whatsoever. The bear just turned around and went the other way. Jeff wasn’t sure if it was a black bear (black bears are sometimes cinnamon in color) or a grizzly. But he’s leaning more towards a black bear because of the longer snout and bigger ears. Grizzlies have tinier ears and a more boxy, less pronounced nose. I’d really be o.k. with not seeing one of these in the next 3 months, or at least from a far distance.

Played a lot of catch up today on the website (gotta take advantage of that free Wifi when you can get it), making movies and writing. I thoroughly enjoyed my outdoor office for sure! Jeff replaced the brake light bulb on Hank, greased the slides and planned out a few more options for lodging and gas before we launch into gorgeous remoteness tomorrow.

Next to our campsite is a beautiful covered patio area for social gatherings and around mid-afternoon, I noticed a few people arriving with tables and chairs for a celebration of some sort. As more and more people arrived, it seemed the group might have been affiliated with the Witsuwit’en tribe based on what we saw and heard. It appears it was a high school graduation based on the speeches given and the decor. The music was indigenous in manner with its irregular rhythm and such a treat to hear. We feel so privileged to have been quiet observers all afternoon.

During our dinnertime preparations, we had a visit by camphost Brenda delivering her recent harvest of rhubarb. I just love the tart/sweet combination of this root vegetable, though I don’t think my husband will partake in anything I make from it. Even a rhubarb might be a stretch. I just love these little thoughtful exchanges in the RV community. Thankyou Brenda!

Since we’ve always been more European time dinner people, switching over to a reasonable dinner hour is becoming even more challenging with the light out later. Having a few night’s off in the kitchen, Jeff got back in the groove, making a delicious Tagliatelle pasta dish with mushrooms, peppers and shallots and a healthier homemade version of alfredo sauce, accompanied by arugula salad and french bread. Eating our delicious dinner outside at dusk (about 9:30), we hoped the bears would stick to their vegetarian diet and not pay us a visit.

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