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Quarantine Me

~Monday, August 31, 2020~

Day 78

Had some rain last night, as we had heard there was a cold front moving into the area. I felt bad that we weren’t able to make the campfire last night, but hopefully the offer still stands for another time. Our neighbors said they were able to go on over, so at least her efforts were not in vain.

Unsure if I had the flu, Jeff had quarantined me last night (we have 2 pocket doors from the kitchen to the bedroom) and I assure you both were closed so he could contain the “germs”. I felt better in the morning, though still tired. I think it was a mild case of food poisoning since my symptoms were short-lived. But things really went downhill last evening, when Jeff decided to whip up a Spam concoction only feet away from our bedroom. I normally don’t find it so awful when I’m feeling well. But when you’re already nauseous, where is a sick, vegetarian girl to go?

It felt great to have a rest/recovery day. The day stayed mostly cloudy, which made the already impressive scenery even more beautiful.

There couldn’t be a better place to chill.

We have views of the Mission Mountains to our east, and Flathead Lake to the north. Oh and an added bonus…..horses. The property next door to Patty has 2 energetic, playful horses that seem to like people as they were eager to hang out with me today. Jeff spent the day taking care of me and doing odds/ends stuff with the truck/trailer. I spent my quiet time doing the finishing touches on our website/blog. There’s been delays with this due to travel planning and spotty reception.

Our neighbor from Three Rivers stopped by to say “hi”. They spent their day at the Pablo National Wildlife Refuge and tried to see another spot that ended up being closed due to COVID. I think they get back on the road tomorrow.

We both decided a soup dinner was in order so Jeff went to the local Safeway to pick up ingredients for Pasta Fagioli (an amazing soup that my mom introduced us to), and a few extra carrots for the horses. In between chopping and mixing, we couldn’t get over how gorgeous the sunset was, trying to decide when the best photo op would be. I must have taken 50 shots. The clouds made things even more dramatic. Quite a stunner. To complete the soup, Jeff needed to power up the blender which meant of course, a need to run the generator. This is a perfect place to run one. Thankfully ours is very quiet. I also took advantage of having limited AC power to charge my laptop. The generator holds about 1-½ gallons of gas which it had decided to run out of tonight. Luckily, the soup got blended in time. We have backup gasoline, but a little late for a refill, so will take care of that tomorrow. Not bad that it would be our first refill in 78 days. Heading to Kalispel and Whitefish tomorrow.

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