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Propane vs. Gasoline

~Wednesday, March 9, 2022~

Day 633

No livestock this morning to pay us a greeting, but the sun certainly did. A gorgeous Sedona day and not a bit of wind nor a cloud in the sky. Just a few more days (we hope) of taking care of “business” before we reconnect with this Red Rock Country. It really is one of the most beautiful places in Arizona and maybe even all The West.

My task for the day was honing in the campgrounds for Canada, things like GPS coordinates, addresses, whether or not there are “services” like water, dump stations, etc., and the distance from the excursions we are hoping to see. Jeff drove into Cottonwood mainly to fill up propane tanks (about $4.00/gallon), water containers (Free), diesel for the truck (today’s price $4.69-OUCH!!! And the most we’ve paid yet, even with my Circle K discount membership), and gas for the generator-a little cheaper than the diesel). The 2 weeks of dry camping in this cold desert weather will be a good experiment as to what’s more efficient…..the propane heater or the generator. Since we’ve been here, our system has been to run the generator when we want to run the fireplace for heat and charge the laptops. Otherwise we use propane.

Let’s hope our 2 tanks hang in there for at least 1 week (the midway point of our time in Sedona), before we have to hitch up to the dump station in Cottonwood. Since the road getting into this place is not the friendliest, we don’t want to haul the trailer more than we have to. So, conserving water use is important.

Once the ingredients for my dinner showed up (thank you hubby!), I started my Leek/Potato soup (one of my favs, especially on chilly evenings). While cooking, I stumbled on a special program of The Carpenter’s as part of a KQED fundraising drive (they seem to have those all the time, don’t they?) Ever since I was a pre-teen, I have been a fan. They definitely had a huge impact on my love of music. In fact, I remember how upsetting it was to hear of Karen’s passing all too soon at the age of 32. I think I cried for a week. She had one of the most beautiful, moving voices I’d ever heard. I still consider her to be one of the best female singers of all time. Without a doubt, her brother Richard is immensely talented as well. But to this day, their songs move me just as they did when I was 12. It’s hard to believe this month would have been Karen’s 72nd birthday. Happy to see how valued their music continues to be.

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