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Pray for Mississippi

~Friday, March 24, 2023~

Day 1,014

Once again, alongside the creatures of the forest, which included those small, fuzzy caterpillars, we enjoyed a nice breakfast outside. Interestingly enough, they don’t seem to care about Sadie. They just go around her. At least the mosquitos are asleep during the day so I can enjoy a little outdoor time at our campsite. Officially I have about 20 bites alone on my bottom and another 20 everywhere else, all from trying to enjoy some firetime last night. And I refuse to put on that awful DEET spray. I do have a eucalyptus spray that I use, but it’s just not strong enough to fend off those Florida mosquitos. They even somehow manage to get to my skin even when I’m wearing long pants and a long-sleeve shirt. Those annoying little buggers must all be cheering the minute they see me coming out of the trailer.😡

Jeff was up on the roof again today to complete the Fantastic Fan project in our bathroom. All that was left to do was screw the vent cover on the roof to the actual unit. Vent covers are optional, but we prefer having them so we can keep our vents open during rain. Plus it allows a little extra UV protection on the vent door itself. We’re having a little clearance issue though, with the fan’s “door” hitting the vent cover, causing it to get stuck. So a few adjustments were necessary. On a roll, Jeff also managed to clean out one of the large compartments on the rig that has gotten a little out of control. It’s amazing how much one accumulates in just 2-½ years, finding the things you forgot you had all over again.

Between laundry loads, we were able to fit in a mini hike with Sadie and a game of backgammon. Shucks! My winning streak appears to be losing steam. But I was still a good sport about it, offering my husband a congratulatory handshake.

By evening, we found ourselves in complete shock of what was unfolding in Mississippi and Alabama. We had no idea the severe weather they were having most of the day, only to turn deadly by nightfall. We tuned in once again to our favorite weather guy’s channel, Ryan Hall, Y’all on YouTube to get up to the minute information. He was the guy that offered us a little comfort when we were in Abbeville, Louisiana with our tornado scare. When you hear an expert freaking out over what they're seeing, you know it’s bad. Even worse, the storms were hitting during the night. Praying for all of you in Mississippi and Alabama!

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