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Playtime and Laundry

~Thursday, April 8, 2021~

Day 298

Taking care of business this morning, one of which was filing a claim for our vandalism on the truck. At least with comprehensive issues, rates don’t increase, so that’s good. So now instead of $500 out of pocket, we’ll be at $250 for the deductible. We also called the front office at our RV park to see if we could extend a few more days onto our stay, until the truck is fixed. Not a problem.

It looks like rain is in store for today, so we’ll have to postpone our campout. Devin, Hannah and the kids had plans to put up a tent at our campsite for 1 night since Easton has never experienced it. But, we’ll have other opportunities before we leave, so we’ll just do it another day. The forecast for the remaining time we’re here is cooler weather and cloudy. Looks like the real nice stuff is not forecasted 😩.

Thanks to Hannah and Devin’s laundry service, I was able to get about 5 loads done (way overdue) while I helped Hannah around the house and played with the grandkids.

It was the perfect day for chores with the weather not so great. Jeff stayed back at the campsite to work on the switch for the stabilizers. About a month ago, we discovered the switch was floppy and not turning on at all, leaving us to manually crank the stabilizers. Manual is not a big deal since many rigs operate this way. The electric stabilizer is just super convenient. Apparently, getting the whole unit out of its compartment was the hardest part (so far). Jeff actually had to shatter the switch to get it off. The good news is we can get the part out of Ohio mailed to us. Hopefully the install goes smoothly.

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