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Peace and Quiet

~Monday, March 22, 2021~

Day 281

A nice hilly walk with my doggie this fine Spring morning. This campground really is in a beautiful setting just minutes from Tallulah Gorge (where we visited the other day).

There are definitely some other beautiful places in Georgia we wished we had seen like Jekyll Island, Lookout Mountain, the Carrollton Greenbelt, Tybee Island, Anna Ruby Falls, and Callaway Gardens to name just a few. We’ll definitely be back at some point.

Once again, Jeff and I have basically the whole campground to ourselves (at least in our section). We miss hearing all of the energy, conversation, and laughter. It really is more fun having other like-minded people around you with the purpose of enjoying the great outdoors. I also enjoy the silence at times, but do prefer a hubbub of activity. But I also like the occasions when we’re alone in the silence. As the day wore on, a few new neighbors showed up….one guys with a truck mounted tent and the other guy with a 35 foot (at least) travel trailer. Even though we’re quite spaced apart, it’s nice having neighbors!

We have to keep the momentum going on our bookings, especially for the remainder of our summer and the Fall foliage tour. At least we got our Wisconsin portion booked today which follows our month in Michigan. One place we never expected to visit, at least on this portion of our journey, is Ohio. We were looking for a good midway point after our visit to see our daughter again in Illinois, before heading to Maine, and Ohio seemed to fit the bill. Ohio’s Amish country appealed to us, so we’re really looking forward to seeing the beautiful countryside and learning about their history, culture and cuisine. We might even learn a thing or two about living more simply.

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