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Part of the Territory

~Tuesday, November 2, 2021~

Day 506 (Travel Day)

‘Ya think we would learn that no matter the time of year in The Carolinas, mosquitos are out, especially near boggy areas, which we’ve been in while at Goose Creek. Jeff and I are covered in bites (mostly on our lower body). Mosquitos, biting gnats, no-see-ums, not really sure what they are, but all I know is they itch. The thing is, we didn’t feel them biting us at all while we enjoyed the previous evening outdoors . Otherwise, we would have taken shelter. Of course we’re looking at each other going…….hmmm, are we sure we want to live in this, which is why we’re considering living more inland in the Asheville area with its higher elevation. One thing’s for certain….we’d never live near a pond or lake if we ended up in The South.

Wow, what a sunrise…..words I don’t say too often since I’m a nighthowl.

It was nice to give Hank and Billie Jean a much deserved rest yesterday since we had another 500-mile day upon us, heading for a 4-day stopover on Jekyll Island; trying to make the big push south to arrive in California in time for the Holidays. Though we booked this campground at Jekyll Island Campground months ago, we feel lucky that we got in, being the high demand area that it is. Expecting pretty decent weather. Just heard on the news that Vermont/New Hampshire are expecting their first snow this week. Boy, good thing we left when we did. It would be no fun towing a trailer in snow/ice.🤪❄️

We arrived at the island, greeted with an automated $8.00 causeway toll (you can buy an annual toll pass for $55.00 or a weekly pass for around $28). We wondered if it’s a way to keep all the riff-raff out?? But our day of being cooped up for 8-hours went well. Sadie is such a good traveler too! We only had to do 2 stops the entire time with the same scenario….Jeff took the first half of driving duties, me the second half. Other than mosquitos, it’s so nice to be back among the huge live oaks and familiar hanging moss once again. It was a good thing we left North Carolina when we did, since it was just before dark that we arrived at the Golden Isle. With all of the tree obstacles, it would have been hellacious backing into our site in the dark. We later found out that our site would have the “famous tree”. It’s known as “The Devil Tree” where I guess several campers, including our neighbor, have backed into it. Even at the request of having it cut down, it still stands to annoy one more patron. Despite the labeled obstacle and my 4-person audience, it intrigued me more to give it a whirl. It drives me crazy when people watch you back-in, but hey, they were already out enjoying their evening beverages before we got there. Glad to be their source of entertainment. I actually did very well….took about 3 tries with a lot of back and forth turning. For those of you that have never backed in a trailer, the challenge is thinking the opposite. You have to turn the steering wheel the opposite direction of where you want the trailer to go. When you’re coming in from the driver’s side, as we were, it’s way easier. But for some reason, my brain has a harder time thinking the “opposite” when backing in on the passenger side. 10 minutes later, I exited the truck to applause. If anything, I hope I empowered these lovely wives watching, that they may feel so inclined to try it out sometime. Most of the women we’ve met are too nervous about this part of the “job”, let alone drive the things.

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