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Parks and Tacos

~Friday, February 4, 2022~

Day 600 (WOW!!!!)

Wow, guys. We’re on Day 600!! Cannot believe it as we never thought we’d be on the road this long. But it’s been an amazing journey so far and we’ve learned so much, not just in terms of how to RV, but with all of the places we’ve visited. It’s definitely given us a broader perspective from our small town bubble of Napa. And as we wait for our new abode, wherever that may be, we carry on, taking in all the sights and sounds. And thanks for taking the time to stay interested in what we’re doing. Let us know if you ever want to meet up!!

And what better way to celebrate 600 days than with a COVID booster shot, right? At least I was smart enough not to schedule it on Jeff’s upcoming birthday. So far so good with just an increasingly sore arm as the day went on. They say it’s good to keep the arm moving after a shot, which wasn’t going to be a problem with our visit to the self-service car wash in Tucson. Jeff and I always do this task jointly with an extra supply of brushes and sponges on hand since you’re charged for every second once the cycle begins. I’m sure Hank was happy to get the 4,000 miles of grime and bugs off of him.

I had read great things about a restaurant near the University of Arizona campus called Tumerico with its new-age Mexican cuisine. So we decided to stop there for lunch before we went over to tour the campus. The atmosphere was modest, yet inviting. The walled chalkboard menu of mouth-watering dishes and unique beverages made it difficult to choose. While we were in line waiting to put in our order, we were eyeing many dishes coming out of the kitchen. That’s it……the Crispy Cuban Tacos with cilantro sauce and jackfruit, paired with hibiscus tea. Both were 10’s!!

Now we see why Guy Fieri (Diners, Drive-ins and Dives) called his mom from the restaurant to tell her how good it was.

From there, we headed over to the University of Arizona. Academically, this university is a global leader in both science and the arts. Nicknamed “Science City”, the UA is a longtime partner of NASA and a center of world-renowned observatories that has been at the forefront of modern astronomy and space science for decades. They’re also tops in the country for their medical schools.

There were a lot of campus tours going on…..I guess it’s that time of year. But one thing we found peculiar was this mini robot on wheels meandering around campus. More than 35,000 Wildcats, and many other college campuses for that matter, are able to order their favorite foods from on-campus dining locations and have them delivered by an autonomous rover capable of navigating campus’ on their own, eliminating yet another job. And it never hurts anybody to get out of a chair and walk or bike on campus to get a meal, right?

Then we took a drive over to the Tucson Botanical Gardens, but quickly had to nix it when we found out dogs are only allowed during the summer months. I don’t think I’d be touring a botanical garden, let alone with my dog in the darn heat of summer. The gardens are evidently a must-see, so we’ll be back. On to plan B that would include Sadie……the Gene C. Reid Park; a 130-acre urban park with a 24-acre zoo, baseball park and 2 lakes.

Of course we had to refrain Sadie from chasing the heavy population of mallards and egrets. Like idiots we made the mistake of leaving the city of Tucson during commute hour on a Friday no less, and the western sun setting right in our line of vision for the drive home. Real smart one.

But nothing topped our day more than hearing all of the details of the African Safari trip my sister and bro-in-law recently experienced. The sounds, the smells, the people, abundant wildlife, beautiful scenery, private villas and luxurious tents. It sounded simply amazing and one trip we hope to experience some day. After 2 hours of fascinating details, I had to cut the party short as I felt myself crashing (likely from my booster shot). So I turned in early. And it looks like we’re in for another very windy night.

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