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Packin' It All In

~Monday, December 13, 2021~

Day 547

I don’t know if my rain dance was key to the deluge of rain we got or simply because Mother Nature thought it was long overdue. But we’ll take it. And the Sierras got about 5 feet of fresh powder, so finally the ski resorts can open their slopes to the patiently waiting skiers and snow bunnies. Since most of the resorts have been closed up until now, it’s great that they can capitalize on the holiday season.

Picking up lunch at MOD Pizza took longer than expected, so we were late showing up at Bill and Nancy’s in North Napa. Nancy and Bill have become dear friends over the years, ever since I started teaching Nancy piano back in 2012. With masks on and a welcome by Nancy’s nurse, we waved to Bill as he was on an important conference call. So she led us directly to Nancy’s large, bright room and there she was with her adorable dog Weasel by her side. No hugs, so a handshake would have to do. With Nancy’s ailments, she is so fortunate to have the care she does by her loving, adoring husband Bill and lovely nurse assistant Kris. And Kris was on it, offering hot tea and serving up the lunch we had brought. One of Nancy’s favorite pizzas is Margherita Pizza with basil, fresh mozzarella, garlic and tomato and a little indulgence of pepperoni on top. What an enjoyable afternoon rehashing our trip with them and hearing all about Bill’s work. A former professor at UC Davis, author, and owner of multiple patents, his interests have shifted to the awareness of the Electric Universe paradigm. Of course we always have to ask him to dumb it down for the rest of us when he’s talking about his latest findings. And like most of our visits, our time with Bill and Nancy was way too short, but we will be back next year to talk about “page 7” with another pizza in hand!

Just like a home, there are always nagging projects that need attention on the trailer. Jeff was ready to tackle some cabinetry repair when he realized he had left his drill bits back at Shane’s, which would mean an hour delay to get to Shane’s work to pick up the key to get into Shane’s place. With beefier screws and hinges, the hamper cabinet is back in business. The fireplace unit also needed some service after all the bumpy travels. It had actually moved about 4 inches out of its rectangular space into our living area some time ago. Again, wimpy screws. Basically, the whole trailer would have to fall apart for the fireplace to ever budge again now that a Latreille has fixed it.

We’ve been really looking forward to some visit time with our dear friend Karena. So per her dinner invitation, we headed over to her place for the evening. Our friendship goes waaay back where we met each other through our children’s co-op nursery school in 1998. What a dear, beautiful, genuine friend she is. I also keep telling her to put together a blog that would display all of her endless talents…..gardener, chef, decorator, and potterer; in short, another Martha Stewart but with more heart and soul. The meal was delicious with roasted butternut squash and carrots,

black rice, salmon and salad. Somehow, she even had time to whip up a batch of biscotti earlier in the day, offering that and a side of coffee ice cream. Deeeeelicious!!! It was also great to see the work she had done on her place since we’d last seen it….French doors, flooring, kitchen counters and lighting; all so lovely. She’s certainly done an amazing job transforming the place into one, cozy, adorable haven. And now….a new addition… Australian Labradoodle named Luca whom I met for the first time on our hike the other day. He’s a love, with boundless energy and great company for Karena. She’s doing such a good time with her training, which is never easy.

A full day, but one that is emotionally full reconnecting with old friends. I will hold this in my heart until we meet again.

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