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Overdue Visit

~Monday, December 27, 2021~

Day 561

These poor stranded holiday travelers with both Highway 50 and 80 closed until further notice. Hope everyone gets to their destination safely. But with all the celebration of having snow, comes agony for the ski resorts, unable to open due to avalanche danger and heavy winds. Back at our “ranch”, it was a day of clean up, organization and returning a few Christmas gifts. Jeff managed to also fit in a few maintenance issues on the truck and my mom’s house. The truck was in need of new windshield wipers and brake lights and my mom’s shower in need of new caulking. As with any project, the deeper he delved into them, the longer it took. But it was good to get these needed things done before heading to Oregon on Tuesday.

So happy that we were able to see Jeff’s sister’s family, meeting at a burger/sandwich joint in El Dorado Hills called The Brickyard. Our nieces were able to join us too, and am officially feeling like an old auntie with 2 already graduated from college and another about to graduate high school. So great hearing about the old family cabin and everything they’ve been up to since we’ve been gone.

Finally able to see the back of the fridge after so many leftovers. I think a split pea soup is in order which would put the ham hock and leftover ham to good use. Nice to pick up where we left off with Season 2 of “Virgin River”, as we were unable to watch it on our trip. Great show. We keep hearing how fantastic “Yellowstone” is, but are reluctant to begin a new series with ANOTHER subscription and spotty reception on the trip.

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