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One Package Missed

~Tuesday, December 15, 2020~

Day 184

Ah, so nice being back in our king size bed and not having to be anywhere today. Thank goodness I could still make the perfect cup of coffee this morning, with my milk in good shape after not being used for a week, since the closest grocery store is 30 minutes away. But then again, I’ll do anything for the perfect cup of joe. Hey…’s what starts the day off in a good direction, right?

It’s inevitable when the trailer gets worked on, they don’t always clean up their mess, so I spent the morning dusting and vacuuming and putting things away from our visit in California. I also wanted to get one load of laundry done. Jeff was reorganizing the “garage” which is the code word for the back of the truck. While putting things away, I realized I left behind one bag of gifts for Hannah and Devin, so I had to drive to UPS today to make sure they would get it in time for Christmas. It’s so easy with all of the stuff that we’re carrying in our truck and the trailer, for things to fall through the cracks.

Since we’ll be boondocking for a few days in Carlsbad, I also wanted to stock up on some groceries. While I was gone, Jeff got a nice walk in with Sadie and had already started up a dinner of salmon, garlic mashed potatoes and the asparagus I had just bought. Delicious! Then, for a nice ending to our day, FaceTime calls to my sister and our son Shane.

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