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One Handy Guy

~Friday, September 10, 2021~

Day 453

My goodness what a rain storm, and all night too. There are flash flood warnings until 2:00 p.m. today. Let’s hope everyone stays safe and dry.

I will not stop until we get one… I was back on the computer this morning to try and nab a ticket for the Cadillac Sunrise Tour, this time for Sunday. Once again, it wasn’t my lucky day. Within a second, they were gone. 108 tickets in a flash. Let’s hope it’s because of the weekend, that’s the reason for the impossible booking. I’ll try again tomorrow, for a Monday tour.

Since we both had projects we needed to work on, a rainy day was fine, though Jeff’s required some outside time under the trailer. Since I wasn’t able to get a good enough cell signal to talk to customer support for some website help, I had to drive up the road a few miles until the stars aligned. It looked like the perfect parking spot, but as time wore on, I was being tortured by the most delicious aroma of baby backs and chicken on the grill. We will definitely have to check out this BBQ place before we move on from Bar Harbor. The place was hoppin’!! Hopefully they’ll have some fish selections since I don’t eat meat. Hopefully they’ll have something fish related, since I don’t eat meat. 🤞

As many of you know, Jeff is one handy guy, and loves a project. So today’s challenge of rerouting the booster inside the trailer was a welcome mission. It was probably good that I was out of his way for a few hours since it looked like a bomb hit the inside of the trailer. But unsurprisingly, he did it.

(see video).The WeBoost box is now parked in our back bedroom in a pretty inconspicuous spot, closer to the outside antenna, with now one cable to it instead of two. The inside antenna is now the only thing we’ll see on the fireplace mantel, which you barely see. So now, I don’t have to find a way to cover up the ugly red box that was once there. And all that’s left to do is a little puttying up of the holes where the box was originally. And the signal…..way better as we go from 1 bar to 3. So it looks like I won’t be having to pay a visit to the BBQ parking lot, unless it’s for BBQ.

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